Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Venomous Rage Designs


now I present you the work of ...yeah one of my best friends on SL: Frozen Rage with his label Venomous Rage Designs. We met at a club, started talking and few minutes later I was his tattoo model, which matches my passion for ink *YEY^^*:

This is blossoming tranquility : a very feminine, light design - great if you don´t want to be THAT clad in dark heavy ink.

In this picture you see Eden´s Ivy - YES it has a facial part - but there is a version without it as well ;)

Time to show muscles you say? Raw flesh? You want it - you get it! Lovelies: I present you Torn Asunder. Rather tough, looks great on guys, pure, raw, RAWR ;)

This is Web of Deceit - a design which is NOT yours if you´re arachnophobic *laughs*. If not you will certainly love this piece of ink - works for girls and looks great on guys (this is Frozen´s signature tattoo but shhhhhh I didn´t tell you that ;) ).

ok now I´m very proud of this one - actually this was my first real shooting and Frozen took this pic, edited it and put it in his shop: Egyptian Protection. EP comes without the facial part, too so don´t worry;).


He does more than just tattoos:

Meet the Hand of Fate - a very casual comfy outfit with naughty handprints - if you know Frozen you know how DAMN WELL it suits him.... ;)

But let´s not forget the awesome eyes he does:

for example his Get Lit series: sparkly colours, blazing, BAAAM!

 The ocean and sky hide in shame looking at the intense Blue Hayze

 G-13 is a sparkling green with a  touch of yellow - works GREAT as neko eyes or if you´re not...all too human ;)
There are more great colours in the pack but let me show you some other eyes he did:

Finding your target: I got a lot of compliments wearing those eyes - for a reason :) They are very detailled and intense

Here you see Starfire Love - I think he did them for Valentine´s Day... Yes, even the baaad Frozen has a big heart *awww*. Can you see the love he put in those eyes?

Now - where can you grab all that stuff?
Inworld: Venomous Rage Designs
Marketplace: He seriously does not have a marketplace shop yet- I´m trying to talk him into doing one but yeah... sooner or later he´ll have one ;)

for now - take care and spread the word ;)

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