Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Antz for Newbies


it´s me again... this time I´m gonna introduce you to Antz - a shop that mostly has skins but sells shapes and clothes as well... Antoinette Jordan is the owner of the store - and a real sweetheart!

NOW! She came up with a pack for "newbies and oldies" as she describes it - it has everything you can ask for...and more...

17 Skins
1  Shape
4  Jackets
6  Boots
1  Hair
5  Eyes
1  Top
1  Jeans

shall we have a look?^^


Emmy 1 - a "normal" white skin, maybe slightly tanned

Emmy 2

Emmy full body

Jess 1 - milk chocolate at its best

Jess 2

Jess full body

Lilly 1 - nice and chocolate-ish

Lilly full body

Lilly 2

Lilly 3

Lucy full body

Lucy - I´d say she´s a southern beauty

Lucy 1

Lucy 2

Lucy 3

Mandy 1 - more the fair kind but very pretty as well

Mandy 2

Mandy 3 - another fair beauty

Mandy full body

Mina full body - dark chocolate baby  (I´m getting hungry...)

Mina 1

Mina 2

Now - WORLD PREMIERE!!! Akasha is wearing another shape! ohhh yes!

Hanna shape full body

and the face

Why not have a look at the eyes now?

Forest green

hazel brown

jade green

peacock blue

roast brown

NOW let´s go on with the clothing:


Jacket 1

Jacket 2

Jacket 3

MaD Top - look at the beautiful print - I love it^^


white boots

purple boots

black base with leo leg boots

brown boots

grey boots

black boots

ohhh and - to top it off - literally - the hair:

Hairstyle C1

ok and now tell me there is an excuse to look horrible in SL ;) Come on this pack is 99L ^^

you can get it here:

inworld: Antz Store
marketplace: Antz marketplace


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