Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DeVicious part 6

Here we go again lovelies,

and I got the next outfit right away ;)

This time I present you Rock ´n´Roll Baby:

oops - erm yeah...meet the top of my lovely posestand packed with 235 poses (atm...) *coughs forgot to hide it *coughs*
anyways - this is charcoal ripped black - the backside^^

Charcoal open ripped black (pay attention to the details on the shirt...^^)

Charcoal ripped open black front

Charcoal ripped front with cream shirt (yes I know I played around with the backdrops in this shooting - hey I took 59 pics in that session and I gotta make sure you lovelies keep paying attention eh ;) )

Darkblue Ripped open

Darkblue Ripped

Dusty ripped open

Dusty ripped (I know it seems a lot darker but when I take and name the snapshots I have the inventory open with the box of the outfit I´m wearing opened so I name the pic after the piece ;)

DAMN I was on a fail-roll there eh? BUUUUT this is the girly pink shirt (pay attention to the stars on the shoulders^^)

the necklace and the bracelets are included in the outfit (the black thin necklace - the other one is my OpenCollar Moire collar ;) )

Black shirt back detail - I know I mentioned it earlier but...it deserves two pics doesn´t it?

In this outfit there are sandals included: unleased elecance in black^^

Stonewashed ripped open

white shirt

yellow shirt

slutty shirt ;) (because it´s a bit see-through muaha)

AAAAND not to forget the red shirt ;)

ok did I confuse you with this post? Wake you up? Yes? PERFECT! Mission accomplished! Goal achieved!


inworld: DeVicious Mainstore and mall
Marketplace:DeVicious Marketplace


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