Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Look of the Day - Classy casual

Hello Lovelies,

I just wanted to show off the look I´m wearing at the moment. After the last outfit being a bit more punky I felt like wearing something more trendy and classy-casual (Salmon is a trend-colour this year ;) )

look at those shoes!!! They are shiny!!!

only a nutcase would sit in a place like this...which tells you ... a lot...about me *blushes*

OLÉ! *Just keep dancing Akasha! They didn´t notice!...

Huh? What? Did something happen?

Close - up time :)

Full Outfit:

Shape: mine
Eyeshadow: ee. J noir

hope you like it ;) sweet dreams
take care

Monday, February 27, 2012

A wearable sofa? What the...

Hello Lovelies ^^

yes I know...I was confused as well when I saw the lovely Lumi Buttcheeks post it on FB ...but...I bought it, I tried it and...it´s true! It´s a sofa and it´s wearable! Now tell me, Lovelies, ain´t that handy? You´re tired, your feet are sore... but there´s no spot to sit and you cannot rezz things... - well... Lumia solved that problem:

You can wear it and lay down...here...

....or here...... 

...or here...(in my kitchen)

BUT!!! If you don´t turn your AO off...you´ll end up looking like this;)

I think this proves that it is WEARABLE ;)

Now I know I started to crop the pics recently, focussing on the item I´m blogging and stuff... I didn´t crop these pics to show it can be worn...anywhere^^

(all pics taken at my home^^)

So you want your own wearable sofa?

That´s my awesomeness of the day folks, see you next time! Till then...
take care

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Portfolio Update

Hello again Lovelies,

as I said I´d be back with more awesome news ... I´ve become a Store Model for the StylistCommunity Store and will be receiving my certificates for LaMode later today so I thought it would be time for a portfolio update:

Akasha Sternberg
Screenname: GlamMetal
RL Age: 30
Avatar created: January 12th, 2007
Female in both lifes
Age verified
Germany /SLT+9
German, English fluent

Ataahua Oceanic Model
La Mode Model
Let it Raine Model
Blogger: http://akashasternberg.blogspot.com/

Mystique Models

Type of Availability:
- Print
- Live
- Runway
- Video

- Print
- Runway



Suicide Girls Yearbook
Venomous Rage Designs (Tattoo Model)
Suicide Girls Calender 2012
Temptest Imagery Pirate shooting
Kiss of Piece shooting

LaMode (January 2012)
Ataahua Oceanic Modeling (*in progress started Jan 28th,12)

Time of Availiability:

Mon -    7 AM - 2PM SLT
Tue  -    5 AM - 2 PM
Wed -    7 AM - 2 PM
Thu  -    2 AM - 2 PM
Fri    -     3 AM - 2 PM
Sat and Sun as requested

My Certificates:

all my important links in 1 place

take care

My Graduation Show for LaMode

Hey Lovelies,

yesterday was the big day of my graduation show for LaMode. Because that was not enough I was the opening girl *WAAAHHHH*!!! But the choreography was fun and  I think we did well ..

Wait - WE?

Yes, WE! The February Graduates Lantern31 and Karmendesire were joining me in this show...

Oh of course...you want to see the outfits...here we go^^ (All pics were provided by Mr Count Mercier of Aviverse.com )

Akasha is showing a very classic, yet glamorous side of Burlesque wearing Blacklace´s Erielle Outfit combined with >>>SAD<<<´< Flower Stiletto Pumps, +Divinity+´s Cassiopeia Earrings Wave Platinum and Finesmith´s Rehana Necklace in platinum. While she gazes out from under her hair boa that she wears on Vanity Hair´s Babette noir she blows us kisses with her .::Glamorized::. Cold Kiss Lips in Berry05, batting her Miamai Catwalk Delicate 03 Mesh-Lashes, flirting with the audience.

This time Akasha is presenting a rather Avant Garde side of Burlesque, as she slipped into the |ALEIDA| couture skin 2, batting her Miamai Catwalk Evergreen Erotica MeshLashes. Tied up in her *RD*Black and White Burlesque Costume her + ezura+ Lace Ankle Boots kiss the catwalk as she sways over it wearing Vanity Hair´s Tootsie in minuit, hoping the audience will love this outfit as much as she loves wearing it. 

this is the front^^

from left to right:


they were so nice as to hand me their descriptions (I dont have pics of their first outfits...yet(?) but yeah^^)

Lantern´s outfit:

Outfit 2: Mardi Gras
In the jaw-dropping, notice me lingerie outfit, Mardi Gras Burlesque Showgirl by AliciaKay Kilara matched with the Naomi Tan skintone from ME, anyone can catch that special eye. Behind the mask you can be anyone you want to be.

Karmen´s outfit:

Second Outfit

Karmen's second outfit is another outstanding creation by Boudoir called Find Another Fool.  It's a deconstructed beaded ensemble featuring officer-style epaulets and lace bra and panties with a burlesque black satin skirt and Mea Culpa Evil shoes.  She's rocking her Medium League Sia Skin and Shadow Shape by NOON and elegant black Diva Vintage Hair by Tuty's.

Lantern´s first outfit was a red outfit and Karmen wore another classic black burlesque outfit so we had a nice mix of several burlesque styles in the show.

All I can say is...IT WAS A BLAST!
Oh...and of course my friend Pandora has blogged about it  in her ever so sweet way

so that´s it for now but I´ll be back with more news later today;)

take care

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Akasha is opening her Graduation Show for LaMode

Yep, that´s right!

I graduated from LaMode Model School this January but as I´ve been the only student they put me in the February Graduation Show^^

When: 25th Feb (for me it´s today, for you it´s tomorrow)  6 AM (yes SIX AM)
Where: LaMode Graduation Show Audience

what: 2 Burlesque outfits ;)

I hope to see one or the other ;)

I´m so excited ;)


ps: this humble blog now has sponsor-piccies and is featured at chic critique*.* - few music links for your entertainment while you read :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

!Zoom Posing Artistry

Hello Lovelies,

today I´m finally presenting you new stuff : Poses from !Zoom Artistry !! The ever so lovely Kiana Jarman - the creator -  spoilt me the other day, due to RL and SL acting up it took me longer than I hoped to blog them ...

ok enough blabla - let me show off her awesome work...er...art...er...artwork:

The Bill 

 was just too high for me  so I shot myself to 

 save the world... but of course I made sure to 

have my nails made  (make my nails 1)

so I´ll be a pretty corpse (make my nails 2)

ok no I was kidding.... I´m still trying to be a little Starleigh (Starlet 2.0 )

so take a faceshot ;)

Now you´ll ask yourself "where do I get this awesome stuff"? Well...right here:

!Zoom Store

!Zoom Marketplace

I´ll be back with more awesomeness and news soon. Till then...

Take care

Monday, February 20, 2012

World-Premiere: Exclusive eXxEsS Outfit!

My dearest Lovelies,

today...I hope you´re sitting cos I have a...wait for it...here it comes....*drumroll please*


of a brandnew eXxEsS outfit! Exclusively here in my humble Blog! *blows kisses to Layja Vidor*

...up front...
(I cannot stop playing with the stole as you see in the silver version ;) )

...the back...

... those killer boots are included as well as the supercool silver armbands...

...and my oh my look at the fluffyness we get with it! I´m gonna call them "arm-stoles" and I love them...

Combined with:
Shape: ohh Lovelies oh Lovelies...;)
Hair:  Action Womens Hair Joyce  in Coal
Lashes: Miamai Catwalk Lashes Delicate 03 - MESH

I hope you´re as impressed as I am... I´ll be running around wearing it all day!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Death

Hello Lovelies,

wow last night was insane! Not only have I finally met Inmost and had the pleasure to blog Divinity.... just a few moments later I caught a notice of The Death (yes..THEM...^^) saying they were looking for bloggers. Long story short, I IMed Rihanna Zhora and ...just to prove that I am NOT kidding:

 (insert imagined scream sound effect and fancy "words coming closer" horrorstlye here ;))

This outfit is called:

Death Dealer

the full outfit up front

from the left side

and the right - yes the boots are included, too :)

Close up - Fangs, collar, tattoo - all included

 I just love the lacing at the back

and check out this awesome backpiece

This wonderful chestpiece-warning is included, too:)

Additional Styling info:

Shape: you´ll never stop asking will you ;)
Hair:  Action Womens Hair Joyce  in Coal

Where to grab it?

Check their blog
...and their FB (you might win something if you like them.... ;) )

Antz - British Lips

Hey again Lovelies,

this is the last posting for today I swear ;). I was just attending my class at Ataahua when Jess from Antz came up with something new:


Now...being the little anglophiliac that I am I HAD to get them! (There´s a full skin of it, too ;) ):

aren´t they lovely?

(Styling info see previous blog ;) )

I´ll stop harassing you for today, BUT! I can announce some epicness for tomorrow....be prepared ;)

sleep tight,

+Divinity+ - affordable - nice - jewellery

Hey again Lovelies,

this time I´m gonna introduce you to +Divinity+  , a jewellery store that offers a great quality to really fair prices. You´ll easily see that the items were crafted with love and passion for detail. The story how it came to this blog is quite funny actually. I was prepairing my previous post, checked back on my facebook as I tend to do on a random basis and found the designer of +Divinity+ post their most recent release - the Banglz Fatpack, mentioning they´re looking for bloggers. I gave it a closer look, liked it, bought half the store and...here I am telling you about it ;)

let me start off with the aforementioned Banglz Fatpack:

(I gotta admit this was my first attempt creating a mosaique... ;) )

Let´s continue with the sets:

Key to my heart:

Moving on to something I really like - CHARMS! Lovelies: the Charm Set:

Next would be the  very urban Pythagore set: Earrings, short necklace, long necklace and 2 armbands

in gold


and smoked silver

Now lovelies, this is the Hearts Armband - clean, simple, lovely

Let´s move on to the last item of this post: Spiked Caged Heart Necklace. It comes in both female and male versions:

in crimson

in crimson with dogtags

in diamond with or without dogtags

additional styling info:

Shape: nice try :P
Tattoos: my own
.::UG::. Promotional Shoes 04 (didn´t find those again, they were from the Marketplace though)

hair in the last pic: Action Womens Hair Joyce

I got more awesome news for you, soon my lovelies

till then...take care

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Akasha goes AvantGarde

Hello Lovelies,

today I visited my dear friend Jess from Antz and bought some of her new stuff... I´m going to show you the Ruby SkinSet today. My first impression was KISS! Then I went to check out Inmost´s store - which is just a few steps from hers - and bought two of his dresses... they look great together ;)

~Ruby 1 Skin 1~

                                                                   ~Ruby 2 Skin 1~

                                                                  ~Ruby 3 Skin 1~
                                                                  STARCHILD *-*
                                      ( hey I got the Screenname GlamMetal for a reason, mhkay?;P)

                                                                 ~Ruby 4 Skin 1~
                                                                  notice the eyes?

~Ruby backside~

~Ruby FullBody~

shape: mine



See what I mean? Isn´t it lovely? Ok now... I hope you are sitting lovelies...I present you : INMOST!

 (I´m only gonna name the things that changed ;) )

RomDesigns Loving You


inMonster Anubis dress

inMonster Anubis dress

Now...was that a good idea or what? They´re friends, their stuff looks good together, I like both - their quality ROCKS - and so do their attitudes ;)

go check them out

take care