Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Death

Hello Lovelies,

wow last night was insane! Not only have I finally met Inmost and had the pleasure to blog Divinity.... just a few moments later I caught a notice of The Death (yes..THEM...^^) saying they were looking for bloggers. Long story short, I IMed Rihanna Zhora and ...just to prove that I am NOT kidding:

 (insert imagined scream sound effect and fancy "words coming closer" horrorstlye here ;))

This outfit is called:

Death Dealer

the full outfit up front

from the left side

and the right - yes the boots are included, too :)

Close up - Fangs, collar, tattoo - all included

 I just love the lacing at the back

and check out this awesome backpiece

This wonderful chestpiece-warning is included, too:)

Additional Styling info:

Shape: you´ll never stop asking will you ;)
Hair:  Action Womens Hair Joyce  in Coal

Where to grab it?

Check their blog
...and their FB (you might win something if you like them.... ;) )

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