Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hello Lovelies,

today I want to tell you about one of my favourite designers: Gizza! I think every single one of you has come across their great stuff...either on the marketplace, inworld at their store or on people walking by, maybe you own 1,2,10,... outfits of theirs already ;)

Anyways... I felt like showing of a selection of my Gizza - stuff (I might do a part 2 on this´s too much for one post... trust me ;) )

This is the Spicy Leo outfit - vest, top, pants and boots included ;) ( I paired it up with .::AKA::.´s black and pink demon skin and Calico´s Hannah in HotPink for a shooting with Julia Grant *more on my flickr^^*)


Now I know you´ve seen this one before... it´s the Diamonds Catsuit in IceBlue that I´ve worn for my LaMode Exam outfit^^

This one´s called "Lines Attract" - and I gotta admit - it attracts me...what about you?


Now let´s continue with some summer dresses:

This, my lovelies, is the Breeze dress (rosy) - a very springy-summerish dress if you ask me. Soft and flowing yet somehow cool and urban...

I combined it with Gizza´s colorful bangles - and the upgraded version of Exxess´Arnora in blonde 3 ;) )

Same jewellery, different dress: may I introduce ...Fluffy dress in green! Is this an  awesome colour or what...


NOW! This is a little Mix-and-Match...! I´ve worn it as a casual outfit for my LaMode classes:
*Chiffon Shirts Floral Pink
*Slim Jeans Dirty Black
*Madlyn Ankle Boots

combined with ...again A&A´s Melrose and.. Finesmith´s Grace Earrings as well as Chop Zuey´s JuJu Bean Cupcake Necklace


This is the GroupGift for May - a VERY colourful, bright, sunny dress...

...that made me want to dance through the streets.

This was the June GroupGift ;) Pretty maritime and ...I can almost feel the sunrays warming my skin

 Now let´s continue with a dress I´ve shown before - the Fluffy Dress is back - in Floral pink this time. It reminded me of a warm late summer/autumn day.

To go on with my little journey through a Gizza FashionYear I´d love to introduce the Jane Series Vol. 1 - an autumnish ensemble if you ask me... a nice outfit to enjoy the last warm days.

Which leads me to the September Group Gift ... perfect for a night out with the Loved One... ;)

Lovelies, here you see the October GroupGift: the peacock dress in green - ain´t it lovely?

Now you´d never guess the month this was given as a GroupGift... it´s NOVEMBER! I´m not kidding you...I swear! I think it´s a very nice idea to give out such a joyful outfit in such a dark month...

Let me introduce you to "Magical Winter" - what can I say.... It´s as comfy as it looks, trust me ;)


This is the Alaris Red dress - the gloves are included ;) (portraied with my beloved A&A Melrose Hair in Blackberry - in a "oceanic fashion show" setting - a special setting for a special dress ;)

This very elegant gown was the GroupGift for Gizza´s first birthday... what a nice gift, isn´t it?

Let´s commence with the gowns - this one is the Mai Dress in Floral Lilac....

Black and White WindGown - a dress - perfect for warm summernights

Tell me that the stunning "GoldGown" does not enchant you... ;)

To save the best for last: this is the super-duper-overstunning Christmas GroupGift - wow it´s not easy to handle this dress I tell ya  - but it´s worth it.... THOUGH!!! If you wear it people might break their neck staring after you.... Just saying...I won´t take responsibility ;)

I hope you got some impressions of how awesome Gizza is and how their creations rock every aspect of SL Fashion ;)

Where to get it?

Gizza Inworld
Gizza Marketplace

I´ll be back with some news in a couple of minutes ;)

take care

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