Monday, February 27, 2012

A wearable sofa? What the...

Hello Lovelies ^^

yes I know...I was confused as well when I saw the lovely Lumi Buttcheeks post it on FB ...but...I bought it, I tried it´s true! It´s a sofa and it´s wearable! Now tell me, Lovelies, ain´t that handy? You´re tired, your feet are sore... but there´s no spot to sit and you cannot rezz things... - well... Lumia solved that problem:

You can wear it and lay

....or here...... 

...or here...(in my kitchen)

BUT!!! If you don´t turn your AO´ll end up looking like this;)

I think this proves that it is WEARABLE ;)

Now I know I started to crop the pics recently, focussing on the item I´m blogging and stuff... I didn´t crop these pics to show it can be worn...anywhere^^

(all pics taken at my home^^)

So you want your own wearable sofa?

That´s my awesomeness of the day folks, see you next time! Till then...
take care

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