Thursday, February 23, 2012

!Zoom Posing Artistry

Hello Lovelies,

today I´m finally presenting you new stuff : Poses from !Zoom Artistry !! The ever so lovely Kiana Jarman - the creator -  spoilt me the other day, due to RL and SL acting up it took me longer than I hoped to blog them ...

ok enough blabla - let me show off her awesome

The Bill 

 was just too high for me  so I shot myself to 

 save the world... but of course I made sure to 

have my nails made  (make my nails 1)

so I´ll be a pretty corpse (make my nails 2)

ok no I was kidding.... I´m still trying to be a little Starleigh (Starlet 2.0 )

so take a faceshot ;)

Now you´ll ask yourself "where do I get this awesome stuff"? Well...right here:

!Zoom Store

!Zoom Marketplace

I´ll be back with more awesomeness and news soon. Till then...

Take care

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