Sunday, February 19, 2012

+Divinity+ - affordable - nice - jewellery

Hey again Lovelies,

this time I´m gonna introduce you to +Divinity+  , a jewellery store that offers a great quality to really fair prices. You´ll easily see that the items were crafted with love and passion for detail. The story how it came to this blog is quite funny actually. I was prepairing my previous post, checked back on my facebook as I tend to do on a random basis and found the designer of +Divinity+ post their most recent release - the Banglz Fatpack, mentioning they´re looking for bloggers. I gave it a closer look, liked it, bought half the store I am telling you about it ;)

let me start off with the aforementioned Banglz Fatpack:

(I gotta admit this was my first attempt creating a mosaique... ;) )

Let´s continue with the sets:

Key to my heart:

Moving on to something I really like - CHARMS! Lovelies: the Charm Set:

Next would be the  very urban Pythagore set: Earrings, short necklace, long necklace and 2 armbands

in gold


and smoked silver

Now lovelies, this is the Hearts Armband - clean, simple, lovely

Let´s move on to the last item of this post: Spiked Caged Heart Necklace. It comes in both female and male versions:

in crimson

in crimson with dogtags

in diamond with or without dogtags

additional styling info:

Shape: nice try :P
Tattoos: my own
.::UG::. Promotional Shoes 04 (didn´t find those again, they were from the Marketplace though)

hair in the last pic: Action Womens Hair Joyce

I got more awesome news for you, soon my lovelies

till then...take care

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