Friday, December 30, 2011

SL Suicide Girls Calender


ITS DONE!!!! Heather wrapped it up last night and sent it to me (yep - before the official release) - check out her blog entry about it:

SG Calender News from Heather

we´ll keep you posted bout the actual release and whatsnot ;)


My Model Resumee

Hey Lovelies

I thought I´d put my Resumee in here:

Akasha Sternberg
Screenname: GlamMetal
RL Age: 29
Avatar created: January 12th, 2007
Female in both lives
Age verified
Germany /SLT+9
German, English fluent

Mysterious Model

Model Schools:

none yet going to apply for Ataahua Oceanic Modeling January

Type of Availability:
- Print
- Live
- Runway
- Video

- Print
- Runway

Portfolio:  (feel free to take a look at the other pics as well)


Suicide Girls Yearbook
Venomous Rage Designs (Tattoo Model)
Suicide Girls Calender 2012

Contests entered:

RVI Model Contest - Novembre 2011
PhotoContest Dafnis - Octobre 2011
Diamonds Contest -formal dress - Novembre 2011
Luds Angels Contest 2012
Second Life Next Top Model 2012
NylonFest II
Mystique Steampunk - Finalist

Contests won:

Time of Availiability:

Mon -  9 AM - 2PM SLT
Tue  -  9 AM - 2 PM
Wed - 5 AM - 2 PM
Thu  - 10 AM - 2 PM
Fri    -  8 AM - 2 PM
Sat and Sun as requested


Thursday, December 29, 2011


Lovelies I gotta tell you this,

ok ....I had a question cos this whole resumee/setcard/bla thing confused me,... I im´ed the lovely Eavanya Firelyte (who is not only a successful store model but a model trainer as well - and she has her own agency : Ataahua Oceanic Modeling) as she´s one of our trainers at Mystique Models (where I´m signed at) - and she didn´t only help me with my question but closely ... convinced me there are AFFORDABLE Modelling Classes! She mentioned her own - 1500L and  OGlam - 2000L - I think I´ll take them both! She also told me what the classes will be about - sounds reasonable and helpful..AND FAIR! I really think I can trust Naa (as she´s referred to as^^) ... I´ve met her few times during my strolls through SL and at the fashion show I attended for Mystique as a finalist for their Steampunk contest^^ (didn´t win...but..hey...finalist^^ YEY ME^^)

Gosh I´m so excited as you can tell^^

Thanks for 500 clicks btw^^ YOU ROCK^^


News, Updates, blabla

Hey lovelies,

thought I´d say hi...just...because you know...missed ya...^^

recently I´ve started to play around with accessories and windlights and even more backdrops and poses, training myself you know...I will never be able to afford or attend those model schools (cos usually their times are in the middle of my night or when I´m at RL college or whatsnot) I have to try my best on my own...

I´ve taken some pics - the first you´ve seen in my Happy New Year post - right before this one^^ - and I thought I´d show you some more: 

just you know... random trials, no editing blabla  - I think some of them look quite good eh? I´ll take more when my marketplace-rapture-victims have been delivered (might take some hours I know hahahah) - noticed I didn´t have any asian stuff and not much jewellery, not a single damn bag...but...what if a job requires all that stuff? HUH? So ...I dragged my lil arse to the marketplace and stocked up :)

Oh btw I plan to do a list with my favourite shops on different topics soon^^

take care

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy New Year

Hello lovelies

I hope your Christmas was good - maybe you wanna leave a comment telling me how it was? Or we could have a cuppa tea inworld sometime at some place? ;)

Now it´s the time for me to say thank you for all the support in my first weeks, the kind words, the motivation, the hints and tips and critic....

oh because I dressed up and styled and did and bla...something I usually avoid (yep...I´m scared of copycats...paranoid lil Akasha ;)) :
 a....STYLECARD^^ (not a complete one but...yeah....)
dress: Phoenix Rising
hair: booN-GIC128 in black
choker: Death-in-Mantua-Choker
skin is from Antz, shape is ...a gift from a friend and modified :P, eyes are LAQ, nails are BC322... that´s all you little nosey lovelies need to know ;)

Yes I started to play around with windlights and stuff hehe (more examples of my first trials are on my flickr and fb) - oh and please notice the full amount of my picture editing skills - I haz put text in it - all on my own! HA!


Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hey Lovelies,

today I wanna show you some skins I bought at Antz - yeah some were gifts (Angel, Jasmin)... and some ...I just couldn´t resist...*coughs*

Angel Face

Angel Body

Jasmin Face - Makeup 5

Jasmin Body

Lea full body

Lea Face - Makeup 4

Melanie full body

Melanie makeup 1

Melanie Makeup 2

Melanie Makeup 3

Melanie Makeup 4

Nicole  1

Nicole 2

Nicole 3

Nicole 4

Nicole full body

Breast Cancer Awareness skin (only 10L! For the good cause!) - Latte

Breast Cancer Awareness skin (only 10L! For the good cause!) - Coffee

Breast Cancer Awareness skin (only 10L! For the good cause!) - Creme

Breast Cancer Awareness skin (only 10L! For the good cause!) - full body

Summer full body

Summer Makeup 1

I love the details she puts in the makeups and everything...

you want them? GRAB EM^^

inworld: Antz Store
marketplace: Antz marketplace


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Antz for Newbies


it´s me again... this time I´m gonna introduce you to Antz - a shop that mostly has skins but sells shapes and clothes as well... Antoinette Jordan is the owner of the store - and a real sweetheart!

NOW! She came up with a pack for "newbies and oldies" as she describes it - it has everything you can ask for...and more...

17 Skins
1  Shape
4  Jackets
6  Boots
1  Hair
5  Eyes
1  Top
1  Jeans

shall we have a look?^^


Emmy 1 - a "normal" white skin, maybe slightly tanned

Emmy 2

Emmy full body

Jess 1 - milk chocolate at its best

Jess 2

Jess full body

Lilly 1 - nice and chocolate-ish

Lilly full body

Lilly 2

Lilly 3

Lucy full body

Lucy - I´d say she´s a southern beauty

Lucy 1

Lucy 2

Lucy 3

Mandy 1 - more the fair kind but very pretty as well

Mandy 2

Mandy 3 - another fair beauty

Mandy full body

Mina full body - dark chocolate baby  (I´m getting hungry...)

Mina 1

Mina 2

Now - WORLD PREMIERE!!! Akasha is wearing another shape! ohhh yes!

Hanna shape full body

and the face

Why not have a look at the eyes now?

Forest green

hazel brown

jade green

peacock blue

roast brown

NOW let´s go on with the clothing:


Jacket 1

Jacket 2

Jacket 3

MaD Top - look at the beautiful print - I love it^^


white boots

purple boots

black base with leo leg boots

brown boots

grey boots

black boots

ohhh and - to top it off - literally - the hair:

Hairstyle C1

ok and now tell me there is an excuse to look horrible in SL ;) Come on this pack is 99L ^^

you can get it here:

inworld: Antz Store
marketplace: Antz marketplace