Tuesday, December 6, 2011

eXxEsS: magik and the christmas group gift

My lovely friend Layja spoilt me again and who am I not to share it with you?
So... here we go :

Magik in black - a lovely posh gown - very sexy and ...it might be me but I feel almost royal when wearing it :)

This is the Christmas Group Gift - a very nice, sexy as hell yet classy style of magik (yep - who´d have guessed heheheheh) - wear it to impress people at your christmas party ;)

Aaand that´s it for today but I cannot wait to tell you about more awesome eXxEsS stuff soon :)
(oh and yeah... like I said in my last post  - my pics are not perfect and they will probably never be - but they´re honest ;) )

inworld: Exxess Designs
marketplace:Exxess Marketplace

take care,

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