Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy New Year

Hello lovelies

I hope your Christmas was good - maybe you wanna leave a comment telling me how it was? Or we could have a cuppa tea inworld sometime at some place? ;)

Now it´s the time for me to say thank you for all the support in my first weeks, the kind words, the motivation, the hints and tips and critic....

oh because I dressed up and styled and did and bla...something I usually avoid (yep...I´m scared of copycats...paranoid lil Akasha ;)) :
 a....STYLECARD^^ (not a complete one but...yeah....)
dress: Phoenix Rising
hair: booN-GIC128 in black
choker: Death-in-Mantua-Choker
skin is from Antz, shape is ...a gift from a friend and modified :P, eyes are LAQ, nails are BC322... that´s all you little nosey lovelies need to know ;)

Yes I started to play around with windlights and stuff hehe (more examples of my first trials are on my flickr and fb) - oh and please notice the full amount of my picture editing skills - I haz put text in it - all on my own! HA!


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