Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DeVicious part 5

Morning lovelies,

let me continue with my DeVicious Row because there´s plenty ahead *hehehe*. I´ve been a greedy girl buying quite a lot (well it was usually 99L, maybe 199L - that´s nothing isn't it?).

Today I´ll present you the lovely outfit "Absolute Versatility" - to be taken for granted as it comes in a great variety of colours and textures:

Black Balloon silk  - very posh

Black Leather *rawr*

Denim - casual yet classy

Desert Camo - if you have to hide....

Silver - for a bit of Sci-fi glamour

Military - you cannot go wrong with camo hehe

Leo - the absolute animalistic RAWR print - a bit trashy with a LOT of classy

This is snake - black cobra I´d say

White Tiger - to continue with the Wildside ;)

You want pure poshness eh? How about White Lace then? ;)

This my lovelies is another wild animal print to close it off: White Tiger *rawwwwwr* again ;)

The shoes are called " Unleashed elegance" in black and are - of course  - included ;)

I hope you´re as impressed as I was - and still am ;)

as usual grab it here:
inworld: DeVicious Mainstore and mall
Marketplace:DeVicious Marketplace


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