Friday, December 9, 2011

eXxEsS: Morgana

Ok my lovelies,

I hereby state that Layja Vidor is a workoholic and nuts! And she´s spoiling me and I love her! She´s given me stuff to tell you guys about AGAIN! And not only one but TWO COLOURS!!! OMG!!!!

Here! Look! I´m not lying!!!!

This is Morana! In gold and teal but she has black as well^^. I decided to wear the upgraded version of her Marysia Hair: blond 3 for golden and teal for well...teal - I think it suits the outfit quite well? I the only one who can practically feel the softness of the leather caressing my curves? (oh shush Akasha you´re wearing it....- blaaaa you get my point eh^^)
Anyways - I just had to show and tell you - oh and of course boots, jewellery, awesomeness, all included as usual^^

where to find it:

inworld: Exxess Designs
marketplace:Exxess Marketplace

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