Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DeVicious Advent Calender stuff


Devicious designer Steph is spoiling us again - BIG TIMES!!
She´s doing an avent calender - shoes, outfits, special editions - EVERY SINGLE DAY! YEY! OK I admit I´m a huge fan of advent calenders - especially those classic ones with the little choccies each day haha (I´m gonna be 30...I know...so?^^) This is what we got so far:

Day 1:

Delectable in an awesome red version - what can I say - this outfit looks great in any colour...

Day 2:

This my lovelies is called Fresh Breeze - a hot latex outfit, revealing but not skimpy ;) Time to spice things up when it´s cold outside... ;)

Day 3:

The Uprising! Several colours are in the pack but I like black so yeah ;)! The shoes are included, too and I love them^^

Day 4:

DeVicious Loves You - the Christmas edition!  This is the backside- see the skulls on the boots? see them? OMG^^ and the print on the back of the top OMFG!!! LOVE IT^^

This is the wonderful front - with more awesome skulls to make Akasha happy^^ I feel so loved and - Steph - I love ya back, doll^^

where to grab it:
inworld: DeVicious Mainstore and mall
Marketplace:DeVicious Marketplace


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