Monday, December 12, 2011

DM Snow Rubies - Mysteri Fallen

Ok lovelies let me tell you about another friend of mine


I swear that girl´s incredible! She is an awesome  writer (she´s a columnist for the Diamonds and Rubies Mag), her photography skills are amazing and now she started to design jewellery!!!

I´m not kidding you - look what she gave me this morning:

This is her Snow Rubies set - The necklace and the earings that is ;) (a little birdie told me there´d be




 and emerald versions, too....just saying....*thanks for  the pics Mysteri^^*). No bling, no this, no that - just an awesome piece of jewellery! What more can you ask for?

Oh of course - where to get it....

hmmm..why not have a look at her "Temptest Imagery" blog ?
Lots of examples of her awesome photographies and writing skills :)


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