Sunday, December 11, 2011

JB boots Gabi

OMG lovelies!!!

I sent the link of my earlier post to Jaqueline and she gave me a gift: her Gabi boots in Cognac along with the permission to use her pics when I tell you about them^^ - ain´t she awesome? I´d say she is VERY awesome - oh and she´s German, too *hehe*.

first of all: it wouldn´t be my blog if I wouldnt show you how they´d look on me : TADAAA^^

now let me show you the official photos so you can see all the details:

that´s the official add for the cognac ones - look alike eh?

some colour samples

that´s the Hud lovelies, it comes in English, German and Portuguese which is very handy hehe and you can play with A LOT of options: all kinds of colour settings, heel that colour, boot this colour, top to be seen or closed all the way up... as you wish... jewellery this or that colour, sparkle, shine, bling off or on? Which intensity? Everything you can dream of and more^^

Here you see some examples of colours :) What´s your favourite?

OMG and look at the details?!!! You know I´m a sucker for details :) Ain´t it lovely?

where to find them:

inworld: Jaqueline Fashion Mall
marketplace:JB Marketplace

take care,

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