Monday, December 19, 2011

DeVicious Advent Calender stuff part 4

Hey once more my lovelies,

This time  - I´m still in the middle of my DeVicious blogrow - I present you the ever so cute "Tangled in Romance"

It comes in white on red and vice versa - check the cute angel on the back of the top

and there´s another one on the left thigh^^

The red version looks like this  - I seriously love those pants already

Along with the outfit you get those superhot sandals (those huds always hate me haha I try my best to adjust them to my skin colour^^)

Those are the red on white pants

white on red jacket

the full outfit in red on white - can you really just sit there and not grab it instantly? I doubt you can....

You know where to find it:
inworld: DeVicious Mainstore and mall
Marketplace:DeVicious Marketplace


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