Sunday, December 11, 2011

4D Shoes/JB Fashion

2 brands - one girl: Jaqueline Beaumont!

Hello and hidiho my lovelies!

this is another amazing story about my SL: I roamed about on the marketplace  (yeah I know... my pc is horrible...I need more ram...will get it for Christmas ^^ ) and bought some JB fashion - she has A LOT for 1 L out there and it´s good quality - plus you see the quality increasing over time (sorry Jaqueline - you´ve always been good but your new stuff is -well...even better^^ - hey I´m just honest here^^). Anyways - the next day she IM´ed me "hey I saw you bought stuff hope everything´s ok" - that was very sweet and I remembered the name all of  a sudden.... OHHH wait! That´s the girl who does these awesome 4D shoes (I got fetish-ballet shoes from her - they´re always very popular when I wear them hehe )

these are the ones I´m talking about ;)  - oh and if you´re naughty and feel brave you can lock them via RLV *muahahhaa - I´m not that nuts personally but yeah^^ you can do it^^* (btw - this is one of my private pics - I took pics from everything in my inventory - it´s a lot of work but SO helpful...I can really recommend that - especially if you´re a model...)

Now I had bought this lovely Shantara gown:

and after her sweet IM I took a closer look at her marketplace shop and got some more stuff:

Those my lovelies are called Nadine - also by her 4D shoe brand^^ - they were 99L^^ (promo muahahaha) and they come with gems - I picked mine as dark red rubies*can´t help it - I love rubies...*. I was very surprised I didnt have to change the skin tone either - usually those huds hate my skins hehehe

Those two pictures my lovelies show the Halloween specials she released hehe - They come in 2 styles each and with skirts but I´m a huge fan of corsets so I wanted to focus on them hehe - aren´t they lovely? ONE friggin Linden folks!!!! That´s- NOTHING!!!  And the quality is better than some ...quite expensive ...corsets...^^ (yes those are REAL corsets not corsages - they got bindings in the back^^)

OHHHH and I should also tell you naughty little lovelies: Jaqueline is well famous in the sex bed department ;) or generally in the naughty department - check her store and you´ll know what I´m talking about.... 4D baby....^^

ok I know you wanna know where to find the stuff:

inworld: Jaqueline Fashion Mall
marketplace:JB Marketplace

more soon, take care lovelies^^

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