Sunday, December 11, 2011

some words from me

Hey my lovelies,

without any fashion info right now I just wanted to let you know - or warn you - take it as you wish haha- that my blog might expand a bit. I´ll tell you about shootings I had, modeljobs, any kinds of projects, adult or not, tell you about the places I work or have duties at....other nice places, photographers...all kinds of stuff ;)

But...talking about modelling... I´m always up for any kinds of shootings, started to do shows as well (did one hehe) - I´m not rich so I can´t affort those fancy agency schools plus they´re usually in the middle of the night for me but I got a lot of passion and am eager to learn and adjust and play around...

Furthermore my dearest Heather Diaz (It´s how I´m made)and I are working on some projects for SL SuicideGirls, I´m currently thinking of doing some space themed or urban shooting to donate to Arcturus VI* or Dark Alley (yes I know, they´re dark and evil and adult and naughty and OMG...but hey - I got a lot of sides, I´m not ashamed of any of them and I´m willing to work  with all kinds of styles so if fetish and naughty stuff is included - why not? As long as it´s classy....I won´t do porn or interact sexually with anyone but my Dear Daegus though ;). Admin in a naughty sim or not - this little pile of pixel-chaos is monogamous.... ;)

be prepared ;)

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