Thursday, December 29, 2011

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Hey lovelies,

thought I´d say hi...just...because you know...missed ya...^^

recently I´ve started to play around with accessories and windlights and even more backdrops and poses, training myself you know...I will never be able to afford or attend those model schools (cos usually their times are in the middle of my night or when I´m at RL college or whatsnot) I have to try my best on my own...

I´ve taken some pics - the first you´ve seen in my Happy New Year post - right before this one^^ - and I thought I´d show you some more: 

just you know... random trials, no editing blabla  - I think some of them look quite good eh? I´ll take more when my marketplace-rapture-victims have been delivered (might take some hours I know hahahah) - noticed I didn´t have any asian stuff and not much jewellery, not a single damn bag...but...what if a job requires all that stuff? HUH? So ...I dragged my lil arse to the marketplace and stocked up :)

Oh btw I plan to do a list with my favourite shops on different topics soon^^

take care

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