Sunday, November 27, 2011

Carisma Creation Designs

BOO! It´s me again

Yep - another entry! OMG I´m on fire - ok no not really ;)

This time I present you Carisma Creation Design: a store I came across just yesterday when they offered THIRTY!!!!! skins along with TWELVE shapes! for 1299L - Hey you really can´t complain about that can you?
Next thing I know is running into the owner and 2 IM´s later I was added to their storeblogging group WHAAAY^^

Now then let the show begin:

I present you:

Evana 2011 in Sunkissed Lips1 - the pack has pale, fair, tan and dark, too - along with 2 shapes. Evana fair was the fatpack by the way - with 30 makeups! Incredible, right? Look at the details :) (and - be honest - Akasha in such a dark skin is a first isn´t it? I´m sure you got used to see me inkless already haha.

But CCD do not only have awesome skins - they have clothes as well like this wonderful casual outfit here:

Teal sweater, white cuffs and hood, white pants - you can´t go wrong with an outfit like that ;)

Now then my lovelies....
where can you get all their hot stuff? Right here!:

inworld:Carisma Creation Designs
Marketplace: *haven´t found one will update if there will be one ;) *

Ok Lovelies I´ll leave you alone for now ;)


Hello Lovelies^^

today I present you another beloved store of mine: DeVicious. Steph Catseye surprises her group with a lot of new releases (50% off or more), freebies, hunts - she´s always up to something - and we love her for that. With all the action you would think she releases so fast that her outfits would lack of quality and details - THEY DON´T! They´re one of the best outfits I´ve seen. Sexy but not skimpy, high detailed, she adds physics, a supporthud, face and bodylights, a group invite (if you join you get 15% off every item)...
 but enough blabla - let´s get to the facts:

This is her newest release - Rebellion - torn jeans, military style jacket, kickass boots - HELL YEAH *Rockergirl is happy*

this is the backside - there are several colours and backpatches to choose from ( I altered my hair so you can see the rocking backpatch hehe)

But I got more from her store - in fact...I got quite a lot *haha*. For example my favourite - best thing is - it´s the official freebie *HA!*:

Lovelies, this is Hardline! See the skulls ? See them? Aren´t they awesome? I love them....but then I´m a sucker for skulls and stuff alike... but still...

The backside has a huuuuge badass skull  - Akasha´s happy *smiles*. BUUUUT my lovelies this is just one of many awesome outfits Steph spoils us with... Here´s another:

Delectable! Oh a plain black one you think? really looks like it doesn´t it?...But....wait...what´s that?

OMG! The backside is on fire! With a rose! You didn´t expect that did you? And look at the boots! Muahhahahaa

I could go on for hours and I´m sure I´ll tell you about some more outfits from her store but I´ll leave it at that for today hehe.

NOW! Where to get it:

inworld: DeVicious Mainstore and mall
Marketplace:DeVicious Marketplace

Have fun exploring

Saturday, November 26, 2011

eXxEsS: quality hair, clothes, jewellery and more

Hello my lovelies,

today I´m gonna introduce one of my favourite stores: eXxEsS Designs by the ever so lovely Layja Vidor. I own at least 60% of her female hair, quite a few in several or all colours and some of them in the version I bought and an upgraded version which Layja  gives out for free if you bought a hairstyle. A FULL COLOUR PACK! FOR FREE! Thats 1000L each - which is a bargain anyways ;). During the upgrading progess we talked a lot but only yesterday we found out that we both are German *haha* - when I asked her about this blog and if she was fine with me telling you folks about her awesomeness.

But let me show you why I love her stuff so much:

Let´s start with the hair - which brought me to her store:

 Arnora - the upgraded version here in blonde 3 - a nice long but not too puffy hairstyle - perfect for everyday outfits

Gash - shown in purple - this hairstyle proves that eXxEsS hair is good for curvy women (I am one and so is Layja - she even offers her awesome shape for free ;) and DAMN she´s hot... - if I say a female looks hot she does look hot ;) ) - very cute and interesting - I got a lot of compliments wearing Gash.

Lacaille - here in black2. Well well... what can I say about Lacaille... It´s a tad longer than my RL hair (below my tush/mid thigh) - maybe that´s why I just HAD to buy it...I love love LOVE it.

 Marysia red 3 - Marysia is one of my favourite hairstyles EVER - some of you know me, others will get to know me - I´m very picky with my hair. It looks cute yet sexy (and it lets me access my collar without camming around which is pretty handy *coughs and grins*) I love to wear it with casual or rocker looks.

*sighs* Ladies and Gentlemen - the ever so elegant Velvet (white 2 - upgraded version) - you can NOT go wrong with Velvet! It makes the skimpiest outfit look great, it´s a nice hairstyle for everyday- casual outfits and it looks stunning with the poshest gowns.

All hair is shown with eXxEsS Laudanum dress (well...without the skirt and neckpiece) - which brings me to the next chapter of Layja´s awesomeness:
Not only is her hair addictive and to die are her clothes!

 This is what the lovely, sexy gown Laudanum looks like - complete and in black ;). I´m sure you will draw the attention from everybody - especially the Gentlemen - if you enter a ballroom wearing Laudanum. (shown with Storm Black 2)

Layja does not only have stunning dresses and gowns - nooo she does have some kickass clubbing outfits - well that´s what I use Succubus for. Another good occasion might be some naughty roleplay in which you seduce helpless men *just saying ;)*.  Just look at the pantyhose  - you can wear it without it but I love the fine lace-ish details.  And I love the cute little demon/bat wings - they sparkle at the top *hehe*. Why I took the pic in front of my roses? Well you see... just because you´re a succubus doesn´t exclude you have a romantic side as well ;).
Being versatile in your styling and emotions ROCKS my lovelies always keep that in mind...

I´m sure you will see me blog about eXxEsS again soon... in the meantime I´ll tell you where to get it:

inworld: Exxess Designs
marketplace:Exxess Marketplace

so long for now

Friday, November 25, 2011

Russh Lussh has been spoiling me

WOW! What a kickoff!

I just got the word out that my little blog exists and the lovely Nakia Decosta handed me THREE skins!!! to tell you guys about! And guess what - THEY ROCK! I´m very picky about my skins so if I say they rock - they DO rock :)

ok enough teasing: here we go!

This one is called Alexandria in Rose - I really like the facial features and the tone... it´s slightly tanned but not too dark - still looking very noble :) The MakeUp is applied with love and it looks sexy, yet not cheep or even slutty.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Blackliquid in Gold! LOOK AT THAT MAKEUP! seriously - never thought these colours would look so good on me! Again - I´m losing my ...fear.... of slightly tanned skins - which is a good thing, right? People do need a certain variety specially in this business...! I can definately understand why she said this would be a customer´s favourite in her shops....

Now the third and last one: Ductress in red!  Now does this skin look posh or what?  Again Nakia put a lot of love in the details, the highlights, the shadows, everything looks smooth and warm ... one of my darkest skins so far but... I start to like it !

I´ve been wearing LAQ´s Dazzling sunrise eyes and Calico Ingmann´s Katie 1 hair in reddened midnigt

Those 3 skins will be used for quite some shootings I hope :)
NOW the big question is: where do you get them:
inworld: russh lussh, Limburg2 (229, 173, 22)

oh... before I forget...
Nakia put a free skin into her ad board at the I love Models HeadQuarter! Of course I grabbed that (before I made this blog and she gave me those three lovely skins up here *muaha*)

Here it is: Lost in Lulu

well it is.... tropical and not for every day - yet a nice skin, always good to have might be very handy for shootings or more colourful outfits. Colours don´t bite you know ;) (says the Rocker Girl...). The MakeUp is again applied with Nakia´s love for details and you can see she put as much effort in this skin as in any other skin she created ;)
With this skin I wore BC322 Pop:R blonde and VRD Eyes Get Lit Blue Hayze

Russh Lussh Marketplace

Well my lovelies, that´s it for now :)
Be well


hey, hallo, hej, hi

welcome to my blog. From now on I plan to blog about fashion, jewellery, hair, skins, tattoos, piercings available in Second Life. I´m an aspiring model, I had some photoshoots, will start my runway career soon and will try to learn how to edit my pictures - I will keep you up to date regarding the developments :)

I did not graduate from any of those fancy, expensive model schools and I´m in a timezone SLT+9 but I´m always willing to work, have huds, positions and all that ;) I model with my heart and so far the reactions were only positive!

If you want to sponsor me or have me blog about your stuff - contact me inworld: Akasha Sternberg (display name GlamMetal) - preferably send a NC because you know... IM´s get eaten by SL and we don´t want that to happen do we...

Of course the main focus will be on the hair, skins, tattoos, clothes section but of course I will add categories for shops if they give me several items (or I have them already when they allow me to blog about them) or are interested in a long partnership (professional only of course ;) )

~ I name the stuff I wear to give the designers credit - not to help copycats!! Be inspired but create your own style!!!!!~

so long