Sunday, November 27, 2011

Carisma Creation Designs

BOO! It´s me again

Yep - another entry! OMG I´m on fire - ok no not really ;)

This time I present you Carisma Creation Design: a store I came across just yesterday when they offered THIRTY!!!!! skins along with TWELVE shapes! for 1299L - Hey you really can´t complain about that can you?
Next thing I know is running into the owner and 2 IM´s later I was added to their storeblogging group WHAAAY^^

Now then let the show begin:

I present you:

Evana 2011 in Sunkissed Lips1 - the pack has pale, fair, tan and dark, too - along with 2 shapes. Evana fair was the fatpack by the way - with 30 makeups! Incredible, right? Look at the details :) (and - be honest - Akasha in such a dark skin is a first isn´t it? I´m sure you got used to see me inkless already haha.

But CCD do not only have awesome skins - they have clothes as well like this wonderful casual outfit here:

Teal sweater, white cuffs and hood, white pants - you can´t go wrong with an outfit like that ;)

Now then my lovelies....
where can you get all their hot stuff? Right here!:

inworld:Carisma Creation Designs
Marketplace: *haven´t found one will update if there will be one ;) *

Ok Lovelies I´ll leave you alone for now ;)

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