Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hello Lovelies^^

today I present you another beloved store of mine: DeVicious. Steph Catseye surprises her group with a lot of new releases (50% off or more), freebies, hunts - she´s always up to something - and we love her for that. With all the action you would think she releases so fast that her outfits would lack of quality and details - THEY DON´T! They´re one of the best outfits I´ve seen. Sexy but not skimpy, high detailed, she adds physics, a supporthud, face and bodylights, a group invite (if you join you get 15% off every item)...
 but enough blabla - let´s get to the facts:

This is her newest release - Rebellion - torn jeans, military style jacket, kickass boots - HELL YEAH *Rockergirl is happy*

this is the backside - there are several colours and backpatches to choose from ( I altered my hair so you can see the rocking backpatch hehe)

But I got more from her store - in fact...I got quite a lot *haha*. For example my favourite - best thing is - it´s the official freebie *HA!*:

Lovelies, this is Hardline! See the skulls ? See them? Aren´t they awesome? I love them....but then I´m a sucker for skulls and stuff alike... but still...

The backside has a huuuuge badass skull  - Akasha´s happy *smiles*. BUUUUT my lovelies this is just one of many awesome outfits Steph spoils us with... Here´s another:

Delectable! Oh a plain black one you think? really looks like it doesn´t it?...But....wait...what´s that?

OMG! The backside is on fire! With a rose! You didn´t expect that did you? And look at the boots! Muahhahahaa

I could go on for hours and I´m sure I´ll tell you about some more outfits from her store but I´ll leave it at that for today hehe.

NOW! Where to get it:

inworld: DeVicious Mainstore and mall
Marketplace:DeVicious Marketplace

Have fun exploring

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