Friday, November 25, 2011

Russh Lussh has been spoiling me

WOW! What a kickoff!

I just got the word out that my little blog exists and the lovely Nakia Decosta handed me THREE skins!!! to tell you guys about! And guess what - THEY ROCK! I´m very picky about my skins so if I say they rock - they DO rock :)

ok enough teasing: here we go!

This one is called Alexandria in Rose - I really like the facial features and the tone... it´s slightly tanned but not too dark - still looking very noble :) The MakeUp is applied with love and it looks sexy, yet not cheep or even slutty.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Blackliquid in Gold! LOOK AT THAT MAKEUP! seriously - never thought these colours would look so good on me! Again - I´m losing my ...fear.... of slightly tanned skins - which is a good thing, right? People do need a certain variety specially in this business...! I can definately understand why she said this would be a customer´s favourite in her shops....

Now the third and last one: Ductress in red!  Now does this skin look posh or what?  Again Nakia put a lot of love in the details, the highlights, the shadows, everything looks smooth and warm ... one of my darkest skins so far but... I start to like it !

I´ve been wearing LAQ´s Dazzling sunrise eyes and Calico Ingmann´s Katie 1 hair in reddened midnigt

Those 3 skins will be used for quite some shootings I hope :)
NOW the big question is: where do you get them:
inworld: russh lussh, Limburg2 (229, 173, 22)

oh... before I forget...
Nakia put a free skin into her ad board at the I love Models HeadQuarter! Of course I grabbed that (before I made this blog and she gave me those three lovely skins up here *muaha*)

Here it is: Lost in Lulu

well it is.... tropical and not for every day - yet a nice skin, always good to have might be very handy for shootings or more colourful outfits. Colours don´t bite you know ;) (says the Rocker Girl...). The MakeUp is again applied with Nakia´s love for details and you can see she put as much effort in this skin as in any other skin she created ;)
With this skin I wore BC322 Pop:R blonde and VRD Eyes Get Lit Blue Hayze

Russh Lussh Marketplace

Well my lovelies, that´s it for now :)
Be well

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