Sunday, January 29, 2012

a little private shooting

Hey Lovelies,

it´s  me...yes...again :P
I´ve been bored and  decided to shoot a bit. I used some Blacklace lingerie that I´ve bought just yesterday (spent... way too much...again...) and...yeah - hope you like it^^

Sahara red:

Mew Cheetah

Cardinal Sin in blue

ok I´m out for today ;)

take care

My Look of the day

Hey Lovelies,

I thought I´d show you my Look Of The Day ~ I decided I will do that  from now on - whenever I feel like doing it ;). Yes, of course my smartass comments are included ;)

Today I felt like wearing something edgy yet casual :

Corset: Blacklace Laced Obsession Black Satin & Red Lace
Pants:  (dementia runner) red ripped unisex jeans
Shoes: >>>SAD<<< Stiletto Flower Black
Stockings: *DL*Kimiko Torn Stockings, DRD stockings nets nylons nets
Shape: my very own ;)

Skin: Al Vulo Barby emo pale 2 cleavage
Hair: eXxEsS Velvet black 2
Eyes: LAQ Dazzling sunrise
Jewellery: Finesmith Grace Collar and Earrings
                Finesmith Heart Attack bracelet
Ring: ROMDesigns Loving You...

Oh by the way... the prop in the background is BehaviorBody-Poset Prop V1 ^^

So yeah...this is my look for today :)
take care

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just some outfits I´ve been wearing during my ModelClasses :)

Oh welcome back my lovelies,

I got something I wanted to show you.

As you might have read I´ve been attending my first modelling class at LaMode Fashion School ...I thought I´d show you some outfits from those classes:

This is a swimwear-outfit I had to style :

Hair: LeLutka Biel in Bournville
Skin: Al Vulo Jenny natural 2 cleavage bronde
Shape: my little secret ;P
Bikini: DEF! Ladyz/Bikini/French Touch/Black
Shoes: Queen of Hearts Sandal Black Lizard

Now for the next class I had to style a gown - runway style! I picked this one:

Gown: Passion4Fashion Red Formal
Shoes: *LG* Red Blossom Shoe
Hair: A&A Melrosa Hair in Blackberry (yep...again...I like that hair for modelling...what can I say...)
Shape: muahhaha nope...still won´t tell you ;)
Skin: RusshLussh Blackliquid in Gold
Necklace: LW The Great Healer Necklace (Chop Zuey´s Light of the Wind collection)

Now this one was a real challenge: My graduation outfit: HighFashion Avantgarde!

I picked:
Suit: **Gizza** Diamond Catsuit in Ice (including those supercool boots)
Skin: LAQ blondie 01 Fair Glow
Shape: nuh-uh! I´m not gonna tell ya ;)
Hair: Vanity Hair Diva HP Vainille - including Hairbase

Now let´s get into detail:

Jewellery: Finesmith Jewelery Heart Attack collection (necklace, earrings, bracelets)
Makeup: .:Glamorize:- Get Lost Lips, ee.ts noir eyeshadow

All I can say is...I know Avantgarde is usually black but I like to add a little personal twist to things...I´m glad my tutor understood what I was going for and she liked it. She said I had shown a new side of Avantgarde! *HA^^*

I´ve graduated successfully, won best student and best styled (before you go all hyper...I was the only "survivor" of the class ;) ...Yes I´m honest like that! ) and...yeah... we´ll see what the future holds....

till then...take care


eXxEsS: Aeterna

Morning Lovelies,

today I logged in to my lovely Layja sending me a new gown to tell you about:

Aeterna! I picked her Storm hair in black2 to go with it, her shape (to show it off *grins*) and AlVulo´s Barby Pale emo 2 Cleavage as a skin.

As usual the jewellery is included, the details are stunning and...have you seen this boa? Trust me it is as soft as it looks like.

I just cannot stop nuzzling my face into it *purrs, then coughs* ok...focus Akasha!

Because Layja is awesome like that she gave me the blue version as well *blows a kiss*

Let me show you the closeup...

AND! Those awesome boots are included, too.

You know where to get it:

inworld: Exxess Designs
marketplace:Exxess Marketplace

Take care,


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kiss of Peace

Hello lovelies,

today I want to tell you about a surprise shooting I had: Nikita Amo, a friend of mine asked me to model her newest clothes for the marketplace :)

Who am I to say no?

So..let me introduce you to "Kiss of Peace":

(I dont know why it´s that small ....but you can click on it to enlarge it^^) Punk Rock Black (with Calico Ingmann´s Wrath hair in burned blood and SAD heels)

Punkrock Blue

Punkrock Green

Punkrock Orange

Punkrock Purple

Punkrock Red

Punkrock Yellow

Oh - I should mention .... the pants are included, too ;)


That´s not all - she also put me into a lovely yet stunningly sexy silk dress:

(she even named it after me *laughs* - as some of you might know my Screenname is GlamMetal ;) )
in this pic I´m wearing A&A Melrose hair in blackberry and the SAD heels again - silver




now...the big question....


right here lovelies, right here:

Kiss of Peace Marketplace

I got a feeling that I´ll be back with more awesomeness and news in just a couple of minutes;)


Saturday, January 21, 2012

I´m not dead - yet ;) shootings, classes, portfolio, resumee. biography and co^^

Hello lovelies,

sorry I´ve been silent the last few days...but  I swear I´ve been busy! My model classes at  LaMode have started, halfway through tomorrow *heheheh*, I´ve started a shooting with the lovely Mysteri for my portfolio enhancement, we´ve been interrupted but will continue soon. Furthermore I had a killershooting with my beloved Heather - here are the 30 pics^^ (she has this offer at the moment...if you´re in her group you pay 20L per pic *only in January^^*), even Jess, designer and owner of Antz  did a little shooting with me *yeeey*

this is the result:

 Ain´t she great?

My portfolio  will have a MAJOR update once the shooting with Mysteri is finished ;), this is my updated resumee:

Akasha Sternberg
Screenname: GlamMetal
RL Age: 30
Avatar created: January 12th, 2007
Female in both lives
Age verified
Germany /SLT+9
German, English fluent

Mysterious Model

Type of Availability:
- Print
- Live
- Runway
- Video

- Print
- Runway

Portfolio:  (feel free to take a look at the other pics as well)


Suicide Girls Yearbook
Venomous Rage Designs (Tattoo Model)
Suicide Girls Calender 2012
Temptest Imagery Pirate shooting
Kiss of Piece shooting

Contests entered:

RVI Model Contest - Novembre 2011
PhotoContest Dafnis - Octobre 2011
Diamonds Contest -formal dress - Novembre 2011
Luds Angels Contest 2012
Second Life Next Top Model 2012
NylonFest II
Mystique Steampunk - Finalist
Diamonds Contest - Pirate -Jan12

Contests won:

LaMode (January 2012)
Ataahua Oceanic Modeling (*in progress started Jan 28th,12)

Time of Availiability:

Mon -    7 AM - 2PM SLT
Tue  -    5 AM - 2 PM
Wed -    7 AM - 2 PM
Thu  -    2 AM - 2 PM
Fri    -     3 AM - 2 PM
Sat and Sun as requested an assignment for the class I was asked to write a little biography:

Akasha first learned about SL on a German radio station in January 2007. She was curious and registered, ending up in a club dancing most of the time, working as a dancer after a while rocking the club with her new friends. Many friends and guests told her how pretty she was and so she tried herself as a model. Unfortunately luck wasn´t her best friend back then as her timezone is SLT+9. Many agencies were interested, yet the time difference never made it happen. After a while Akasha got bored and left SL for well over 3 years.

In late February 2011 she gave it another try. After she updated her whole inventory and stocked up she applied as a Suicide Girl, as an alternative model, because she loves the work of the RL Suicide Girls and has a big passion for tattoos in both lives.
The application went very well and she is featured in their 2011 yearbook as well as the 2012 calender (which she also organized).

In the meantime she went back to dancing in another club, where she met Frozen Rage, owner of Venomous Rage Designs, who made her a tattoo model for VRD.

Jobs are rare for the SG´s at the moment and so she applied at Mystique Models and got accepted. She entered their Steampunk contest in October 2011 and made it into the final runway show.

After joining several modelgroups, booking shootings with several photographers Akasha started to join contests like the Diamonds and Rubies Contest (Diamonds November: formal dress) but she did not win any.

Not wanting to give up Akasha started to take pictures of every item in her inventory and store it on dropbox so she has an overview at all times. Whilst doing that she discovered her love for outfits and started her own little blog, using snapshots, which she takes with great love and passion.

After not being able to apply to so many jobs due to a lack of certificates and money for those expensive classes she saw the add of LaMode for modelling classes for only 1000L. She applied, got accepted and we are!

Where will Akasha´s journey end? We shall see.... I was told the stars hold a great future for her.

OH OH OH ! And...before I forget...I am participating in the Mystique models "under 100L " contest:

This is what I came up with... I hope I have a chance...keep your fingers crossed ;)

So that would be it...for now...

Take Care


Friday, January 13, 2012


Hello lovelies,

today I´ll introduce OPOPOP Design, a young label with urban wear for girls that looks fresh might be me...but I think it looks a bit playfull, too - in a non-girlie but cool way of course ;)

This time I decided to create an outfit out of the items I was given by the owner, Oursinette Bruun :

This is the "Red Sweet in Cyan" top, with the "Little one" Short (and armidi gisaci shoes, al vulo skin, my shape :P and eXxEsS hair)

"Yeah, baby! Show me that booty!" By the way I picked the background because... like I said... OPOPOP has a certain playfulness to me and I liked the background, it looks cool and playful at the same time...

ok...that was a tad cold for January... so I got out of the "Little One" and grabbed the "GinSmash" Jeans in Cyan, along with the "Shrub" Scarf and the "Warm-Up" ArmWarmers - both in grey this time.

Have a closer look

And this is the pretty backside ;)

NOW!!! We´re not done here...oh no no ;)

She even gave me a dress: this is "Manzarom" in green (yes it is really that dark ;) )

And the backside  - pantyshot for you this time ;)

Where to grab all that?


take care,

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year New You

Hey Lovelies

Just a quick link to an official SL Contest:

my entry

sleep tight, more entries to come tomorrow^^


Another new Skin... this time..surprise...*drumroll*

AND I´m back lovelies!

Guess who did a skin... HEATHER  DID!! YEEEEEY \o/

meet Penny ;) Doesn´t she look nice with her pink lips? So juicy ;)

and look at her body... yummie ;)

what a back, huh?

it´s her first skin and I think she did a great job^^

Diamonds Skin Shop

Lovelies I´m back^^

Now I promised to tell you about the new shop I´m working at...and know me...this is what´s gonna happen in this post:

Ladies and Gentlemen: this is Ashley -  close up....

and her full beauty ;). A little extra that comes with the Diamonds skins: the shopowner Lezandra Enzo put in a notecard suggesting the CalWL Windlight instead of the default one... now..have a look at the difference and you´ll know why :

see the difference?

the gloom?

and... see that back? *smirks*

BUT that´s not all for today:

meet Brianna - another skin by Lezandra - up close

full body CalWL windlight settings ;)

her front

and the lovely back ;)

NOW! There are few more skins, makeups, few clothes and there´s a shape for every skin! PLUS upstairs there´s the lovely Medley Store which has pretty skins, eyes and clothes as well ;) . Did I mention I´m the store manager for Diamonds?*beams* And trust me...Le pays me VERY well - I won´t tell you nosey little brats HOW much´s a reasonable amount ;)

oh right... where to grab it:

Marketplace: not available yet

be right back in a couple of minutes lovelies, got one more thing to show you for today