Friday, January 13, 2012


Hello lovelies,

today I´ll introduce OPOPOP Design, a young label with urban wear for girls that looks fresh might be me...but I think it looks a bit playfull, too - in a non-girlie but cool way of course ;)

This time I decided to create an outfit out of the items I was given by the owner, Oursinette Bruun :

This is the "Red Sweet in Cyan" top, with the "Little one" Short (and armidi gisaci shoes, al vulo skin, my shape :P and eXxEsS hair)

"Yeah, baby! Show me that booty!" By the way I picked the background because... like I said... OPOPOP has a certain playfulness to me and I liked the background, it looks cool and playful at the same time...

ok...that was a tad cold for January... so I got out of the "Little One" and grabbed the "GinSmash" Jeans in Cyan, along with the "Shrub" Scarf and the "Warm-Up" ArmWarmers - both in grey this time.

Have a closer look

And this is the pretty backside ;)

NOW!!! We´re not done here...oh no no ;)

She even gave me a dress: this is "Manzarom" in green (yes it is really that dark ;) )

And the backside  - pantyshot for you this time ;)

Where to grab all that?


take care,

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