Saturday, January 21, 2012

I´m not dead - yet ;) shootings, classes, portfolio, resumee. biography and co^^

Hello lovelies,

sorry I´ve been silent the last few days...but  I swear I´ve been busy! My model classes at  LaMode have started, halfway through tomorrow *heheheh*, I´ve started a shooting with the lovely Mysteri for my portfolio enhancement, we´ve been interrupted but will continue soon. Furthermore I had a killershooting with my beloved Heather - here are the 30 pics^^ (she has this offer at the moment...if you´re in her group you pay 20L per pic *only in January^^*), even Jess, designer and owner of Antz  did a little shooting with me *yeeey*

this is the result:

 Ain´t she great?

My portfolio  will have a MAJOR update once the shooting with Mysteri is finished ;), this is my updated resumee:

Akasha Sternberg
Screenname: GlamMetal
RL Age: 30
Avatar created: January 12th, 2007
Female in both lives
Age verified
Germany /SLT+9
German, English fluent

Mysterious Model

Type of Availability:
- Print
- Live
- Runway
- Video

- Print
- Runway

Portfolio:  (feel free to take a look at the other pics as well)


Suicide Girls Yearbook
Venomous Rage Designs (Tattoo Model)
Suicide Girls Calender 2012
Temptest Imagery Pirate shooting
Kiss of Piece shooting

Contests entered:

RVI Model Contest - Novembre 2011
PhotoContest Dafnis - Octobre 2011
Diamonds Contest -formal dress - Novembre 2011
Luds Angels Contest 2012
Second Life Next Top Model 2012
NylonFest II
Mystique Steampunk - Finalist
Diamonds Contest - Pirate -Jan12

Contests won:

LaMode (January 2012)
Ataahua Oceanic Modeling (*in progress started Jan 28th,12)

Time of Availiability:

Mon -    7 AM - 2PM SLT
Tue  -    5 AM - 2 PM
Wed -    7 AM - 2 PM
Thu  -    2 AM - 2 PM
Fri    -     3 AM - 2 PM
Sat and Sun as requested an assignment for the class I was asked to write a little biography:

Akasha first learned about SL on a German radio station in January 2007. She was curious and registered, ending up in a club dancing most of the time, working as a dancer after a while rocking the club with her new friends. Many friends and guests told her how pretty she was and so she tried herself as a model. Unfortunately luck wasn´t her best friend back then as her timezone is SLT+9. Many agencies were interested, yet the time difference never made it happen. After a while Akasha got bored and left SL for well over 3 years.

In late February 2011 she gave it another try. After she updated her whole inventory and stocked up she applied as a Suicide Girl, as an alternative model, because she loves the work of the RL Suicide Girls and has a big passion for tattoos in both lives.
The application went very well and she is featured in their 2011 yearbook as well as the 2012 calender (which she also organized).

In the meantime she went back to dancing in another club, where she met Frozen Rage, owner of Venomous Rage Designs, who made her a tattoo model for VRD.

Jobs are rare for the SG´s at the moment and so she applied at Mystique Models and got accepted. She entered their Steampunk contest in October 2011 and made it into the final runway show.

After joining several modelgroups, booking shootings with several photographers Akasha started to join contests like the Diamonds and Rubies Contest (Diamonds November: formal dress) but she did not win any.

Not wanting to give up Akasha started to take pictures of every item in her inventory and store it on dropbox so she has an overview at all times. Whilst doing that she discovered her love for outfits and started her own little blog, using snapshots, which she takes with great love and passion.

After not being able to apply to so many jobs due to a lack of certificates and money for those expensive classes she saw the add of LaMode for modelling classes for only 1000L. She applied, got accepted and we are!

Where will Akasha´s journey end? We shall see.... I was told the stars hold a great future for her.

OH OH OH ! And...before I forget...I am participating in the Mystique models "under 100L " contest:

This is what I came up with... I hope I have a chance...keep your fingers crossed ;)

So that would be it...for now...

Take Care



  1. Wow you look great! I am trying to follow your Blog, however, I am having issues with blogspot atm!

  2. Fingers Crossed :) & sexy pictures btw!

  3. thankies you both^^

    more news to come later - GREAT news^^