Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Diamonds Skin Shop

Lovelies I´m back^^

Now I promised to tell you about the new shop I´m working at...and know me...this is what´s gonna happen in this post:

Ladies and Gentlemen: this is Ashley -  close up....

and her full beauty ;). A little extra that comes with the Diamonds skins: the shopowner Lezandra Enzo put in a notecard suggesting the CalWL Windlight instead of the default one... now..have a look at the difference and you´ll know why :

see the difference?

the gloom?

and... see that back? *smirks*

BUT that´s not all for today:

meet Brianna - another skin by Lezandra - up close

full body CalWL windlight settings ;)

her front

and the lovely back ;)

NOW! There are few more skins, makeups, few clothes and there´s a shape for every skin! PLUS upstairs there´s the lovely Medley Store which has pretty skins, eyes and clothes as well ;) . Did I mention I´m the store manager for Diamonds?*beams* And trust me...Le pays me VERY well - I won´t tell you nosey little brats HOW much´s a reasonable amount ;)

oh right... where to grab it:

Marketplace: not available yet

be right back in a couple of minutes lovelies, got one more thing to show you for today


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  1. hahah , the windlight setting does make a BIG difference & congrats on the good paying i should find one of those :P