Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Quick Update

Hey my lovelies^^ week since I last blogged and this week has been pure and friggin MADNESS - and the madness isn´t over yet!

First things first though:

DAE AND I GOT MARRIED^^ fancy ceremony, party, gifts or whatever but...we did it^^ *bows in several directions* "thank you....thank you"

Furthermore - I´ve completely redone our home... new house.... 2 Photo studios (the pretty simple one by Geeza Matfield (with my fave posestand EVER)  and the friggin posh N30 *yep...THAT one...the really expensive one...^^) the privacy screens are not that chaotic anymore... blablabla (yeah I home can only be entered by a very limited number so this is boring for most of you *grins* I still wanted to mention it...).

I got more news though!

I was accepted for LaMode January ModelClasses (1000L folks!!!) - I will blog about how that goes, as well as the Ataahua Classes with Naa .
THEN  we finally set up Dae´s FB, Flickr and Resumee (I´ll blog it once the portfolio is finished)  and I set up a friend of ours: Ame Ravenwolf, I´ll blog her portfolio as well - girl´s got potential I tell ya ;)

Back to my wonderful hubby though: he had another shooting with Mysteri (yep...on their own... a shooting just for him *proud*) - if I get them to  give me the pics I will put em in here for you guys :) .

Enough about others this is MY blog *evil grin*
I´m the store manager of Diamonds Skin Shop feat. Medley Store which has opened yesterday ;)

I´ll blog 2 skins from there in a few moments ;)

Till then,
take care


  1. wow you did have a lot of changes. Your a really good writer Glam. Not only is it informative but its FUN. Most blogs I've read are dull and boring..and even Im guilty of it :/ but your always peep y and out going. I can see why you have 752 views :) haha maybe you should teach blogging classes, Now that i would pay for :)

  2. damn you were busy! makes my sl day sound like cake! and im sure hes gona do great in modeling just as much as you do