Sunday, October 28, 2012

break extended unfortunately

I´m sorry Lovelies due to BIIIG huge massive RL shit happening (lets just call them cancer and death *not related in THAT way...not yet...still...assholes...both of them-.-) I´m ...just ..unable to blog as you might understand... will get back to it once this is over.... take care Akasha

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Don´t fear the autumn weather - you got KaTink!

Hello Lovelies,

 damn today´s entry took some time preparing it (mostly due to research, marketplace delivery delay and blablabla - you know the deal^^) BUT - today I´ll present you not one but TWO posepacks by KaTink preparing you for autumn:

 ~ 1. Rain on my Parade ~

 Perfect when it´s raining cats and dogs...

~ 1 ~

~ 2 ~

~ 3 ~

~ 4 ~

~ 5 ~

The umbrellas are included ;) 


~ 2. Umbrella Cinderella ~

This set is for when the rain is over and the sun is coming back out 

~ 1 ~

~ 2 ~

~ 3 ~

~ 4 ~

~ 5 ~

so don´t be afraid when you see the clouds coming in ... just run over to KaTink and you´re good!

Take Care

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

KaTink - Bloody Mess of a Kitchen


Today my beautiful Lovelies I was added as an official KaTink - Blogger - YEEEEY^^ - and we were given something to show off ;)

I´ll start with this one because I was wearing the perfect outfit for it (which wont appear in a StyleCard this time but I´ll add the tags so just search and hit the stores and see if you can find it ;P *I love to give credit but I want to find the balance between giving credit and supporting a huge amount of laziness you know *)

AAANYWAYS let me show you what this awesome Halloween Prop is about:

~ 1 ~

~ 2 ~

~ 3 ~

~ 4 ~

~ 5 ~

I wanted to add : I DIDN´T DO IT! Not that anybody would believe me but... ah fuckit - I had my reasons mhkay? ;)

Grab it here while you wait for the other new KaTink Items I just gotta show you (once my marketplace order arrives...XD)

take care

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Essence of Red and Black

Hello my Lovelies,

today I´m finally back with some more pics (sorry - though I´m on my holidays at the moment I got one RL Appointment after the other and after I had to sort out some hurtful things in SL I just didn#t have the strength... I´m still weak but ah well.... time will pass and such things blabla ;)


The lovely Noah pampered me with another lovely necklace which I just HAVE to show you!

 Style Card: 

Wasabi Pills Kumi Nightshade
:Wicked Tattoos: Demonology Sleeves

Opium  Long Blouse Red
Shey Tough Love Pants

|ALEIDA| Vivian pumps - red

+ Divinity + Essence Necklace
Chop Zuey Take My Heart OC Collar 

I hope you like it 

I´ll blog more soon ;)

take care

Monday, September 17, 2012

My article about the price and importance of quality

Hello my Lovelies,

no I did NOT forget about you - how could I? But times were rough for me in both lifes and that´s sorted now ;)
I even went back to going out - not to clubs yet mind you... but... yeah mostly to the London Sims - you know about my Anglophilia ;) (oh shush yes I know I´m nuts - love you too) and  I was asked to write an article for their blog, I suggested an article about quality because some of the London Sims are starter sims and I am always eager to to spread quality - especially within the new meat *grins* (hey we all love eyecandy don´t we) it is:

Hello my lovely readers,

my name is Akasha Sternberg and I´m a blogger and shopping advisor. I randomly talked to  Debs Regent about the importance of quality and why people should invest in it and she asked me to write an article about it - yes I know I was surprised, too - but I gladly accepted.

Now you see all those nice clothes in shops ... on flickr, facebook, blogs, people inworld... and then you see the prices. Quite a lot of people turn away and complain how expensive everything is. The truth is - it IS expensive! YES! But then - it doesn´t HAVE to be THAT expensive!

One way to save money are GROUPGIFTS! Look out for the groups of your favourite designer and join it. Yes some groups will charge but thats ONCE and less than 90% in the store would cost you usually so - just pay it ;)  - you´ll get one free item of quality each month (SL limiting us with 42 groups doesn´t help here AT ALL)

Another way are Subscribers  - they do not eat groupspace and  still inform you about SALES - which leads me to the next point. Sales are often advertised in FashionGroups, subscribers, facebook groups.

A very fun way to save a LOOOT of money are hunts. You go from store to store and have to find a hidden ...bag...or symbol which gives you a gift (some are 1L but I´d say the majority are free) and sometimes stores put out more than 1 item or have freebies for the hunters or whats not.

Now let me explain why some things still cost more, sometimes up to an insane amount of L. When you produce an item as a designer you

- have to buy/design  the template (most I know use photoshop for it)
- have to texture it
- have to write/buy scripts if you want a resizer option or whatsnot
- I heard a LOT of  ranting about how hard it is to learn to design mesh items - which SL is freaking out over... for a good reason usually ;)
- you have to take vendor pics (the vast majority of designers do model their own creation to avoid the costs of booking a model - time and moneywise)
- you have to upload pics and item (I THINK you have to upload each...sleeve, collar, jacket-bodypart,... seperately...but I´m not sure there)

now in RL you pay people for their working time as well - in SL you refuse to - when it´s a LOT of time they invest in designing outfits. I don´t want to count the hours I´ve waited to spend time with my designer friends cos they were dwelling in Photoshop designing new items for their customers, always looking for new ideas and inspiration.

Let me fill you in about the time it takes to advertise a product As I mentioned I´m a blogger. Now the styling, taking pics, the tiny amount of editing I (am able to) do, writing the actual entry including stylecard... takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Promoting the entry - so people notice it - takes 1,5 hours up to 2 hours at times. Now some designers cast live models, prefer marketplace shops, most have both marketplace and an inworld store - some only have an inworld store ( which means tiers to pay - a LOT of tiers - each week).
Another popular way is to look for bloggers to blog about your items (most even give their review copies for free) or hire live models (usually they get to keep the items or have discounts on the store stuff - or of course get paid).
The highclass designers are involved in a lot of runway events and magazines - those include costs as

- advertising prices
- time to produce those pics (models/photographers needed? editing time,... upload costs...)
or for a fashion show
- the money to pay the coordinator, host, models/agency, time to promote the show/pay a promoter

that´s a lot huh?
That is why I invest in quality - I do even have quite some custom items - I´m just a fan of exclusiveness and quality... I can´t help it I guess. Now you don´t have to spend the amount of money I do - no not at all. Even with just 10$ or 20$ you can be sorted having quite a handful of quality outfits, a nice shape (make sure it´s modifiable) and skins, hair,....

Now ask yourself if you are willing to spend a little amount of money for quality?
If the answer is yes - keep your eyes open and shop till you drop - or ask a pretty avatar you come across for help - or just drop your humble Akasha a line and I´ll do my best ;)

Thanks for your time,


I hope people will get my intention *grins* - may SL´s future be even prettier. I´ll be back with new outfits VERY soon ;)

I love you my Lovelies, 
take care

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Venomous Britain will chain you down divinely

Hello my Lovelies,

Ohh today I´ll show you something I planned to show you for a while - some oldies but goldies and something new (...well...updated...^^).


                                                                       My Standards

eXxEsS Aisha in Cyber Red
                                                              {VRD} Finding Your Target
                                                                   {VRD} Torn Asunder
                                                   *Sexy Mamas* Geeks & Freaks Manicure

                                                                  {VRD} Tribal Brawler

                                              Little Britain Designs Desloation Row Red Pants
                                                       .:L&B:.  Lace up Platforms Snake

                                                                 [ArToX] Bandages *black

                                                       {VRD} Releasing The Beast Piercings
                               + Divinity +   Pythagore Gothic Necklace, armbands, Earrings *UPDATED*
                                                                 {VRD} Goth Pimp Fedora
                                                               ...:::Scrub:::... My Muse Belt
                                                             Chop Zuey Take My Heart OC Collar

hope your day is as sunny as mine,

take care


P.S.: did I mention VRD participates in the Twisted Hunt? ;) 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sin of the Day

Hey my Lovelies,

today I´m presenting you news from Divinity! No ! Seriously! I know Noah has been hiding recently but...  he´s back ...and from what I´ve heard he´ll be throwing out those new releases like a cannon ^^


Style Card:

!lamb. In Heaven My Little Pony
{VRD} Blossioning Tranquility
+:+WTG+:+ **Galaxy-f** nails

|ALEIDA| Vivian pumps - black

+ Divinity + Sinner´s Necklace

I hope you like this outfit as well haha

Take Care

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Country Blue

Hey Pack

I just got an idea I wanted to show you :)

~ by the way - this is my wonderful friesian mare BlackPearl :) ~


My Standards (Version 06)
eXxEsS Veela in Electric Blue

!Bliss Prozak Rose
.::Delusions::. Demonic Dreams 

>>GothiCatz<< Human Shirt
.:L&B:. Skinny Dipped Jeans Dark Blue
@ CDC Ballerina Heidi Ballet flats black @ SLX

Chop Zuey Take My Heart OC Collar
.:*LouLou&Co*:. Enigma bracelets black
-[SK]- Beast Lover Belly Piercing

You´ll learn the special meaning behind the Piercing soon (a slight hint - my title in my personal group is Miss Beast  - I won´t go into detail how I got this nick though  XD)

Oh and... on another note - my bestie - you know him^^ the sweetheart who upgraded my shape customwise (it was custom before but...erm yeah...I´ve told the story I know^^) suggested I´d become a shopping advisor. I hesitated because I didn´t think this would be needed in SL but today Ramses Meredith of Egoisme and Frolic Mills both agreed that it would be a good idea... *shrugs* and who could turn those boys down? So... if you need help - drop me a line and we´ll work things out ;)

take care,

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

cute, kickass, punky, kasha!

Hey my Lovelies,

wow...finally...time to blog... (well...let´s be honest...taking pics, cropping them...blogging - that´s one part... the PR afterwards takes up to 1,5 hrs *depending on how many FB groups come up with captchas xD*^^)! It´s been SOOOOO hot, but on the positive side - today moi and my RL bf are having our 7yr anniversiary^^ WHEEE^^ that means chinese dinner :) *we have this lil tradition haha*

Erm...yeah...I´m drifting...back to topic *coughs* I planned to introduce someone...very my SL...the most important person in fact... but he´s been drawn to RL due to a horrible event recently so that will have to wait...! So I changed my plan and now I´m gonna show you a look including several things I love - spikes, tattoos, corsets and some awesome jeans.

Now let me comment on those jeans! Again they´re Lapointe&Bastchild Mesh´es and  of course SM+ fits as if Paul had grabbed me to model the jeans around my legs ...true story...(even without the alpha they almost fit perfectly^^ I´ve tried^^) - BUT!!! - this time it seems like he was torn a bit... they´re normal jeans - but have a latex covering till mid-thigh! Sounds strange huh? It´s actually pretty cool^^ It´s like he was thinking ´ok time for new jeans! hmmm or latex?*starts to cover the legs in black latex....stops at mid thigh...* or just leave them plain...damn...can´t get it off...anyways...´. But then maybe it was on purpose? I haven´t talked to him (if you read this feel free to comment...^^) . Still they´re unique in SL and...friggin cool^^



My Standards (Version 06)
Wasabi Pills Miyu Powder

!Bliss Prozak Rose
.::Delusions::. Demonic Dreams 

.VOLUPTIA. Lila bra 
[Etchaflesh] Sick Chick Underbust
.:L&B:. Skinny Dipped Jeans Slate

.:L&B:.  Lace up Platforms Snake

Chop Zuey Take My Heart OC Collar
.:*LouLou&Co*:. Enigma bracelets black

hope you like it :)  

P.S. I swear I can´t type...not even my own name!  I wished you could see how I type Alasha EVERY DAMN time *laughs*

Monday, August 6, 2012


Hello Lovelies,

...or should I say good evening? (Its 10.28pm for me^^)


I´ve been to the Pink Ribbon Fair and when I saw this hair I instantly thought of you.

(a little experiment - just click the pic to enlarge it ^^ )

Style Card:

My Standards (same skin, Makeup 06)
[^.^Ayashi^.^] Hana-pink << Pink Ribbon Fair
Endless Pain Tattoos Drink Fight Fuck<< Pink Ribbon Fair
+:+WTG+:+ **Galaxy-f** nails

:::Sn@tch :::Dirty Pop Dress (Black-J)
.:L&B:.  Lace up Platforms Snake

Chop Zuey Take My Heart OC Collar
.:*LouLou&Co*:. London Calling

Now.. what do you think?^^

have a nice day/evening

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sandcastles in the sand

Hello Lovelies,

today I´ll show you a cute summery outfit named after a Robin Sparkles Song (now...who´s that? comment if you know^^)

~ Thinking ... ~

~ ... of the one you want to share all your sunsets with... ~


My Standards (same skin, Makeup 06)
eXxEsS Syrena in BlueBlack (with Gemstone Hud so you can choose between 25!!! colours - GROUPGIFT TILL AUGUST 13TH!!!!!)
[mock] Luxe Lip creme [fhqwhgads] [Mock]

*Just BECAUSE* Elise Shirt
sf design cargo cutoffs white

Chop Zuey Take My Heart OC Collar
 JPB Oyster DayDate Lady Platinum Pink

Props and stuff:

Boat: Lost Angels Spring Boat
Surfboard in the back: {what next} Flat Surfboard Prop for girls
Grotto: LP SEX GROTTO MLPiHyBrid 393 XCITE Lovers Scenes 6 BALL TCC

I hope you have a great day,
take care

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Morning my Lovelies,

I planned another outfit for this post but my Bestie showed me an awesome shirt  when we talked about The Big Bang Theory and the super-epic Dr Sheldon Cooper so..the other outfit will be up next (tonight or tomorrow^^)


Style Card: 

!lamb. In Heaven Ink
ASS Nailpolish Jet Black
{VRD} Web of Deciet

Geek-A-Doodles Keep Calm & Bazinga
LoMos Designs Siella Jeans
.:L&B:.  Lace up Platforms Snake

Chop Zuey Take My Heart OC Collar
Chop Zuey Wild Cherry Belly Ring
.:*LouLou&Co*:. London Calling

Now get your geek on
have a nice day

Friday, August 3, 2012

Stylish Casual

Hello my Lovelies,

TGIF!!! I tell ya! I´m so happy I got round to finally show you some items from my inventory I planned to show you for weeks!

~ I know I´m cool *laughs* ~

~ look at the shirt detail and the pretty watch ^^ ~

Style Card: 

eXxEsS Zarya Blue Black
ASS Nailpolish Jet Black

..::OPOPOP::.. Chill out White
LoMos Designs Siella Jeans
.:L&B:.  Stiletto Knee Boots Red

Chop Zuey Take My Heart OC Collar
 JPB Oyster DayDate Lady Platinum Pink
Solar Eyewear Polaris

I might even be back with a new look during the weekend ;)

Have a nice evening, 
take care

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Classy Brawler

Hello my Lovelies,

I´m FINALLY back with new awesome stuff^^


Hair: eXxEsS Callista Blue-Black

Shirt: {VRD} Tribal Brawler
Skirt: Mimi´s Libertine Skirt Silk 3
Shoes: .:L&B:. Stiletto Knee boot set black

Collar: Chop Zuey Take My Heart OC
Upper Arms: eXxEsS Pyrocant 
Gloves: .:*LouLou&Co*:. Crepuscule

I hope you love this outfit as much as I do ;) 

Please don´t forget to look this little blog up on FB:
(like, share, spread the love :) )
 take care

Monday, July 30, 2012

Helloo :)

Morning my Lovelies,

PHEEEW what a month... Full time work (it´s my parent´s flooring company I work at and´s fun AND chaotic at times - structured chaos though ^^) and hoooot weather *I thought I´d melt...seriously...* BUT now I´m back with a new layout. You should have a look at those pages up there! Seriously^^ they rock!

I´ll show you new awesomeness either tomorrow or Wednesday - or both...depending on my inspiration and time - which should be MUUUUCH better now.!

Just wanted to let you know ;)
 OH RIGHT - before I forget - I has made a new FB Page for this blog ^^

As usual - share, like, follow, comment, suggest, hug and

have a nice day

Monday, July 23, 2012

next update

Hey my Lovelies,

wow - this is the 3rd and last week on full time work for me!  I´m kinda happy and sad ... plus SL loves to lag the living hell outta me - no matter how little I wear or where I am... GAH XD - anyways... as of now - no new piccies but I got quite some ideas and I can´t wait to show you...

i love and miss you LOADS!

take care

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hey my Lovelies,

due to the current discussion/process/struggle regarding the OneVoice campaign I decided to step away from the skins I´ve used recently... It was HAARD to find good skins that are THAT pale (come on folks... your pale is halfways through to deep tan for me)

I was VERY shocked when I learned about the campaign cos I thought I´d have found my perfect skins after all... - I´ve never been introduced to curio´s work and depending on the outcome I will go back to my perfect skins... - or just get a custom one....*laughs* or...10 customs... you know me - I´m nuts!

Long story short - I don´t want to be in the middle of something or stuff - but - my forced upgrade has been completed - I´ll take my inventory pics over the next few days - yes I´ve been to the hair fair, too...^^- and then I´ll be back with another post in a couple of days ;)

just thought Id let you know

take care

Sunday, July 15, 2012

OMG I´m SO sorry :(

My beloved Lovelies,

I´m so damn sorry but RL work kept me from you - and probably will till the 30th... I might find the energy to sneak onto SL - but in 99% it will be via my phone... THIS IS NOT ANOTHER BREAK^^

I got so muuch to tell you... omg^^

can´t wait

your hardworking and very happy

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It´s DERBY time^^

Hello my Lovelies,

i don´t know if you knew but - I´m a Rollerderby Fan. I had a RL team but it wasn´t meant to be (backstabbing, booted out of the team I founded..blabla ) long story short - I tried to become a DerbyDoll in SL - the times are impossible for my SLT+9 german timezone :(

BUT!!! I FINALLY managed to come up with a derby post :P

~ skating around lazily ~

~ hmmm wait...~

~ I think i need a break... ~

~ I know I need to workout more.... ;-; ~


{VRD} Kasha Custom perfection 
[HUSH] Skin Grace Smokey Fire Sugar
LAQ Dazzling Sunrise Eyes
eXxEsS Veela in midnight

~Hush Lipstick~ Juicy Grape 705
Miamai Catwalk Lashes

OC Barbed Collar
gloves - bikerish?

simple black wall ;) 




Monday, July 2, 2012

LOTD 2nd July 12

Hey Lovelies, 
now today I´m wearing something showing skin - it´s summer after all- yet it´s classy *muahahah*


{VRD} Kasha Custom perfection *exclusive, unique, never to be sold^^
[HUSH] Skin Grace Smokey Fire Sugar
LAQ Dazzling Sunrise Eyes
eXxEsS Veela in midnight

~Hush Lipstick~ Juicy Grape 705
Miamai Catwalk Lashes
+:+WTG+:+ **Galaxy-f** nails

+grasp+ studded bikini black top
.:L&B:. S´Wear Mesh Womens Jeans boot cut (Divine Black)
.:L&B:. "Orleans" Lace Ankle Boots

Chop Zuey OC Heart Flame WG/Diam Collar

Prop: Glitterati - Blind

Now... the one and only Mrs BastChild Lotus asked me to give a little feedback on the Jeans: FUCK YEAH! Rocks as usual ;) 

take care, this time it won´t be as long