My Standard Look

this is the basic style I wear:


Shape: {VRD} Kasha Custom perfection *8 Versions HAVE to be enough - NOT to be changed*
(height 6´5" - realistic difference to most male avis)
Eyes: LAQ Dazzling Sunrise Eyes
Lashes: Miamai Catwalk Lashes

Skins: Glam Affair Cassiopea Arctic 06 and 10 *shown here* BR

MakeUp: M.O.C.K. Lipshine Lipcolor Fatpack Watermelon and Blushing Contessa (usually recently, the red lips on the pic are GA´s makeup 10, most recently I wear 06 with those Glosses layered over eachother 
Tattoo: Wicked - Bliss Full Body Med
Collar: Chop Zuey - Take my heart OC Version
Ring: *currently Fusion Diamond Ring Gift - will change to our final wedding ring 

My clothes include Corsets (LACED BACK!!!!!!!!), Jeans, Fetish, Casual, Urban, Sexy, Silk, sometimes a bit posher stuff, lingerie.

Why I stopped changing my shape? It has reached it´s perfection in my eyes and hey - it´s MY body after all isn´t it? I won´t tell you how your shape has to look so I claim the same for myself ;)


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  2. I have more than enough versions - from a Runway version over different levels of chest and butt sizes - so any and every piece of clothing will fit - the rest is signature ^^