Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hey my Lovelies,

due to the current discussion/process/struggle regarding the OneVoice campaign I decided to step away from the skins I´ve used recently... It was HAARD to find good skins that are THAT pale (come on folks... your pale is halfways through to deep tan for me)

I was VERY shocked when I learned about the campaign cos I thought I´d have found my perfect skins after all... - I´ve never been introduced to curio´s work and depending on the outcome I will go back to my perfect skins... - or just get a custom one....*laughs* or...10 customs... you know me - I´m nuts!

Long story short - I don´t want to be in the middle of something or stuff - but - my forced upgrade has been completed - I´ll take my inventory pics over the next few days - yes I´ve been to the hair fair, too...^^- and then I´ll be back with another post in a couple of days ;)

just thought Id let you know

take care

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