Monday, July 2, 2012


Hey my Lovelies,

how´ve you been?

My RL has been very demanding, I´ve started to work *smiles* and my SL is calming down, I am calming down, finding the energy for my beloved little bloggy here again. Please believe me when I say I´ve missed you, been thinking and talking about you, with some of you...

From now on things will be different though... I won´t post THAT much ( how can I - even my day only has 24 hrs ;) ) my style will change from portraying single items in all their colours and variations to LOTDs mainly with little teasers. Don´t worry - you´ll still get the stylecards with links where to find the whole glory. You gotta understand I need to do this - we don´t want my Lovelies to turn lazy eh ;)

What´s happened in my SL?

Well the biggest change must be me stopping to model - except for supercool events like "Stand4Love" by Editorial Clarity-Flux and RicoRacer Flux-Clarity (great lads, btw, would totally go out for a drink with them), ok I refurbished my house and backbeach, blablabla, started to be on my pc again *ladida* and...just last night - out of the blue... my bestest-est friend Frozen surprised me with ...well...the perfect update for my everyday shape... out of the blue...  it is custom and won´t be sold ;) nuh-uh.... you can´t haz my face HA^^

Doesn´t he just fuckin ROCK? ^^ Great to have a friend like him :) I hope you guys have friends that hold and support you no matter what you´ve done this time...


ok ....

lets go back to work ^^

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