Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sandcastles in the sand

Hello Lovelies,

today I´ll show you a cute summery outfit named after a Robin Sparkles Song (now...who´s that? comment if you know^^)

~ Thinking ... ~

~ ... of the one you want to share all your sunsets with... ~


My Standards (same skin, Makeup 06)
eXxEsS Syrena in BlueBlack (with Gemstone Hud so you can choose between 25!!! colours - GROUPGIFT TILL AUGUST 13TH!!!!!)
[mock] Luxe Lip creme [fhqwhgads] [Mock]

*Just BECAUSE* Elise Shirt
sf design cargo cutoffs white

Chop Zuey Take My Heart OC Collar
 JPB Oyster DayDate Lady Platinum Pink

Props and stuff:

Boat: Lost Angels Spring Boat
Surfboard in the back: {what next} Flat Surfboard Prop for girls
Grotto: LP SEX GROTTO MLPiHyBrid 393 XCITE Lovers Scenes 6 BALL TCC

I hope you have a great day,
take care

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