Friday, November 25, 2011


hey, hallo, hej, hi

welcome to my blog. From now on I plan to blog about fashion, jewellery, hair, skins, tattoos, piercings available in Second Life. I´m an aspiring model, I had some photoshoots, will start my runway career soon and will try to learn how to edit my pictures - I will keep you up to date regarding the developments :)

I did not graduate from any of those fancy, expensive model schools and I´m in a timezone SLT+9 but I´m always willing to work, have huds, positions and all that ;) I model with my heart and so far the reactions were only positive!

If you want to sponsor me or have me blog about your stuff - contact me inworld: Akasha Sternberg (display name GlamMetal) - preferably send a NC because you know... IM´s get eaten by SL and we don´t want that to happen do we...

Of course the main focus will be on the hair, skins, tattoos, clothes section but of course I will add categories for shops if they give me several items (or I have them already when they allow me to blog about them) or are interested in a long partnership (professional only of course ;) )

~ I name the stuff I wear to give the designers credit - not to help copycats!! Be inspired but create your own style!!!!!~

so long

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