Monday, December 12, 2011

Headsup/sponsors/whatsnot - SL Suicide Girls

And it´s me again lovelies,

as most of you know I´m an SL Suicide Girl and as I mentioned before I´m  working on some projects with the wonderful Heather Diaz (find her in my bloglist "it´s how I´m made" or my FB) and...we could do with some sponsors and any kind of help (clothes, hair, inspiration whatever you wanna give us) - we will work on shootings, promo activities - maybe Suicide Girls can model your stuff? (Yep even gowns can look good with some alternative style ;) ) Maybe you want to join the models, the photographer squat, want us to shoot in your location because it´s superawesome and needs to be shown....


The shootings will be cool, maybe naughty, definately sexy but not cheap and pornographic ;).

And ...of course you will see results here and on my FB ;)

with love,

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