Thursday, December 29, 2011


Lovelies I gotta tell you this,

ok ....I had a question cos this whole resumee/setcard/bla thing confused me,... I im´ed the lovely Eavanya Firelyte (who is not only a successful store model but a model trainer as well - and she has her own agency : Ataahua Oceanic Modeling) as she´s one of our trainers at Mystique Models (where I´m signed at) - and she didn´t only help me with my question but closely ... convinced me there are AFFORDABLE Modelling Classes! She mentioned her own - 1500L and  OGlam - 2000L - I think I´ll take them both! She also told me what the classes will be about - sounds reasonable and helpful..AND FAIR! I really think I can trust Naa (as she´s referred to as^^) ... I´ve met her few times during my strolls through SL and at the fashion show I attended for Mystique as a finalist for their Steampunk contest^^ (didn´t win...but..hey...finalist^^ YEY ME^^)

Gosh I´m so excited as you can tell^^

Thanks for 500 clicks btw^^ YOU ROCK^^


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