Saturday, February 18, 2012

Akasha goes AvantGarde

Hello Lovelies,

today I visited my dear friend Jess from Antz and bought some of her new stuff... I´m going to show you the Ruby SkinSet today. My first impression was KISS! Then I went to check out Inmost´s store - which is just a few steps from hers - and bought two of his dresses... they look great together ;)

~Ruby 1 Skin 1~

                                                                   ~Ruby 2 Skin 1~

                                                                  ~Ruby 3 Skin 1~
                                                                  STARCHILD *-*
                                      ( hey I got the Screenname GlamMetal for a reason, mhkay?;P)

                                                                 ~Ruby 4 Skin 1~
                                                                  notice the eyes?

~Ruby backside~

~Ruby FullBody~

shape: mine



See what I mean? Isn´t it lovely? Ok now... I hope you are sitting lovelies...I present you : INMOST!

 (I´m only gonna name the things that changed ;) )

RomDesigns Loving You


inMonster Anubis dress

inMonster Anubis dress

Now...was that a good idea or what? They´re friends, their stuff looks good together, I like both - their quality ROCKS - and so do their attitudes ;)

go check them out

take care

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