Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cleo Couture - Correction

Hey lovelies,

I´m SO SO sorry but I have to admit - I really did a horrible job on the CleoCouture post - which I deleted and I deleted all the pics (yep...CLEOPATRA Xigalia was absolutely right to flick my ears for it...*bows her head in shame*). I don´t know if I had a blind day to think the pics would have turned out to be ok or if SL tricked me - anyways - I´m deeply sorry and I redid all the pics and she approved them they are:

This is her "Zipped in Leather" outfit . The skirt comes in 3 options - let´s start with the longest....

Let me show you a bit closer...  - the gloves are included by the way :)

This is the backside.... and here´s the clou to the outfit...Cleopatra was inspired by Hairoin´s Neoteric Hair - this is "Underground" from the Deviant pack - do you see the zipper? Cool, isn´t it?

Ok I know it´s impolite to turn your back on people so let´s continue with some front - ups ;) This is the supersexy mini skirt- version....

And this is my favourite: the opaque version.  It still has the mini - else it wouldn´t be hot but simply cheap - and we don´t want cheap do we  ;), nevertheless it´s smoking hot - and on this pic you see the shoulder part at it´s best :)

As a second outfit please let me introduce...

This lovely gown called CityLights... I absolutely love the skirt...

Now, lovelies, look at this! The gloves and Necklace are included as well. Ain´t that great? What? You want it?  Yeah...I bet you do...

NOW! Where to get it?

CLEO couture Marketplace
CLEO couture Inworld

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  1. It's okay, The best of us do it. & SL is VERY tricky! SL has tricked me many times sadly :) Still love the gown! *hmm, would look great on the red carpet* lol