Thursday, April 26, 2012

"What would you do without SL for 24 hours?"

Hey Lovelies,

I planned to do a Look of the Day for you...maybe a cute summery dress...BUT - as soon as I took my clothes off SL went down for 2 hours (I know...right ;) ). We had a big party on my FB Wall and it was so much fun (thanks everybody). People are slowly coming back in, the designers are going back to work - and my friend Raoul pondered in my FB Chat what people would do if SL was down for 24 hrs....

What would YOU do? I can´t wait to read your comments wether it will be on FB or here^^

I am back though and I though I´d just show you what I was wearing before I tried to change - with my new parcel (neighbour parcel to my home)  - where I keep my props and studios to play around with ;)

I chose not to crop or edit or anything to show you some "behind the scenes" ;)

~ those are the Virtual Props - Props *stutter* Roses are red and Cocktail ~

~ I´m glad everything´s there and safe and ...PHEW!!!!! - in the background you see Virtual Props Sin 2 and Pinup, N30 Photostudio, :+:SS:+: Unicorn, Glitterati Boxed and my poorly built Privacy Screens - I know...but they do the trick and  yeah^^ ~

~ *lets herself fall into the sand, digging her tush and foot in and strokes the velvety rose petals being glad to be back* - so tell me Lovelies, what would you do without SL for 24 hours? No matter if you´re depending on it as your RL Job or just love to be on^^ ~ 

Style Card:

My Everyday Shape
LAQ Dazzling Sunrise Eyes

Miamai Catwalk Lashes
+:+WTG+:+ **Ribbon Classic** Nails

=HX= Trippy Sleeves Tat

***ArisAris Glasses black
Chop Zuey Gift Wild Cherry Belly Ring
Izzie´s Bead Necklace Red
Virtual Impressions Roxanne ID BRacelet silver

oh yeah...right... my answer...well at the moment I´d revise for my final written exam in sociology (4th of may^^)for RL college (I went back after 10 years for some extra education), find a new roommate for my guinea Aki (her mate Brownie passed away last might have seen the memorial pic on my FB)... do household chores, read (yes...books, you know...those gropable things with letters and pages.... ^^), watch tv, maybe go for a walk (with a dog from the local animal shelter?). 

Now - what would you do? 
take care