Friday, April 20, 2012

Voluptia brings you the summer with Keeni

And I´m back again Lovelies,

this entry is all about Voluptia again...
This time it´s a bikini and trust me - you´ll love it ;) (By the way this is the first attempt with my new card showing shadows and what have you^^ the full awesomeness - I shot it with a prop at home^^ )

~ Keeni ~

time for fiesta...
wait a minute...just a´s so comfy and warm...and this article...but after that I´m ready for a fiesta!! ~

~ those are the other colours that are available ;) ~
(wearing Gala I covered my face cos Ruby jumped into the water, came out and shook the water out of her fur - next to me.... appearantly panthers do that, too.... ;-; )


My Everyday Shape
LAQ Dazzling Sunrise Eyes

take care 

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