Monday, April 23, 2012

Shopping Madness with Sexy Bish : $50L Frenzy Week!

Hello Lovelies,

while I was talking to Grayson earlier (and you pushed this blog of mine over 8k clicks-  thanks SO much ) she told me something very exciting!

TOMORROW - yes Tuesday ;) - the $50L Frenzy Week will start! It will go on till the 1st of May  and Sexy Bish is in with quite some nice outfits.

What? You wanna see them? You nosey little Lovelies....! Ok... I´ll show you 2 - but you´ll have to go and see the rest ;) They´re just as awesome!

Let´s start with Royal Bish : 

~ It comes with the yellow blazer, the lovely SKIRT^^ and those lovely heels ~
(shown with eXxEsS aria in blue black and Hush Samantha Grape Sugar)
and this is the second outfit I´m going to show you : The Argyle Jumpsuit in Red

~ shirt, jumpsuit, boots  - all included ;)  ~

~ that´s the backside - the famous infamous Angel and Devil Calf Tattoos are included as well ;) 

(shown with Wasabi Pills Monique 2 and Hush Samantha Grape Sugar)

This is where the 50L Frenzy Week will take place ;) 

Don´t miss out^^
take care

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