Friday, April 20, 2012

Introducing Gwen Carillon Designs

Hey again Lovelies,

yes I am totally aware of the fact that this is the FIFTH entry for today - and it will NOT be the last ;) ( I will get this pile of stuff out of my office :P )

So this time I´ll introduce you to a new sponsor: Gwen Carillon Design. All of a sudden I received a gift from her, with a message that Hush had introduced her to this little blog of mine....she liked it...long story short - she sponsors me now and I´m very VERY grateful for that ;)

So this is her latest release :


~ version "good fairy " ~
(the name was my idea ;) )

~ version "bad fairy" ~
(same as above^^)

~ with  a sheer bra ~

>> Wings, Stockings, Thong and Bras <<

shown in this styling:

My Everyday Shape
LAQ Dazzling Sunrise Eyes

where to get it? Right here

I´ll be back in a bit
take care

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