Friday, April 20, 2012

The Death is going to SHREDDER you !!

BOO Lovelies,

yes it´s me again *laughs*... This time with The Death! Their newest release is called


~ damnit....they locked me away ~

~ while I´m plotting how to get out why don´t you have a look at the features ? ~
(OC-Scripted *and non scripted* Collar, Dress *white, too*, fishnet leggins and the pumps you see in the pics above and below )

~ HA! I got out! But I will neither tell you HOW nor where I am ;P ~

styled with:

My Everyday Shape
LAQ Dazzling Sunrise Eyes

Prop: Glitterati Lockdown

Grab it here...

I´ll be back in a little while - no we´re NOT done for today ;)
take care

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