Saturday, April 21, 2012

Deesse´s Skins : Diva

Hello Lovelies,

I am back with a new skin that I received from the lovely Natalie Wells, owner of Deesee´s Skins. Appearantly I was suggested by Moolto Owner Maxes Loon *blushes* - so yeah! Here it is:


~ this is the full body view ~

~ there´s a makeup pack included with every tone - seperated so you can mix and match ~
those are the eyeshadows

~ and those are the lipsticks ;) ~

what´s your favourite combination?

Each pack comes with a cleavage layer (shirt, undershirt, tattoo), eyebrows in blonde and brown *natural and normal* and a no eyebrows version as well as a blonde and brown hairbase and alpha teeth ;) 

This one is the lightest tone called Flat White - there are 4 others - in all kinds of shades ;)

I´ll be back with a more personal blog in a few moments ;)
take care

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