Sunday, April 15, 2012

Let me introduce you to SEXY BISH!!!!

Hello again Lovelies,

I´m back with more awesomeness - this time I´m gonna present a new store: Sexy Bish! Rock´n´Roll/Pin-up/Retro clothes by Grayson Luckless, sold at a very reasonable and fair price and the service is just AWESOME - and she let´s me blog her stuff which is even more awesome.

Furthermore she´s very much of a darling and has a great heart - that´s why she joined in the Faboulusly Free Frenzy Hunt with no less than THREE outfits (well...2 outfits and one full avatar ;) :

~ this Vintage Pinup Dress ~

~ this lovely blue cherry outfit - with shoes included ~

~ that´s the front^^ ~

~ and this full avatar called Cutey ~

~ what a lovely face .... ~

I´ll be back soon with more great stuff ;)
take care

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