Saturday, March 31, 2012

Welcome Little Britain Designs

Hello Lovelies,

today I´m gonna tell you about how one of my small dreams came true:
I was roaming around the Little Britain Designs Mainstore with my friend Frozen and I mumbled how I´d love to blog their stuff. He suggested I´d ask the owner, Mr Ivica Atlanta, ... and... after some hesitation ...I did - SUCCESSFULLY!!!

Now LittleBritain Designs has Clothes, Shoes, Hair - usually goth, grunge, rock styles... BUT! They also offer full avis with  or without  weapons and armor, mounts, bikes...

Let´s start with the awesome mounts:

~ AT Walker Mount F1 - comes in M versions, too ~

~ AT Walker Mount F2 - comes in M versions, too ~

~ Scorpion Mount ~

~ Creeping Death Mount ~

~ Dark Redemption Mount ~ 

~ Hell´s Rodeo Mount ~

~ Tyrant Mount ~
(make sure your AO is off, then wear them - they come with instructions ;) )

aren´t they cool? Now... I got 2 full Avis as well to show ya:

~ Blood Lust Gladiator F ~


~ oh? this is NOT Sparta? OI! Lionheart Gladiator? This is NOT Sparta... It´s only Akasha´s Blog... ~

~ Lionheart Gladiator F ~

~ oh...well... let´s head to SPARTA then...~

.... and off they went to explore further realms...
( both avis come as you see them here - including shape, skin, eyes, whatsnot^^)

I´ll be back with more news soon - and there´s gonna be a blog about LBD Outfits VERY soon, the awesome Frozen Rage will join me in that one - prepared ;)

Take Care

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