Friday, March 23, 2012

Pretty Things

Hello again Lovelies,

ok this is going to be the last entry for today ...I promise ;). I just wanted to show you what came to my mind last night at ~1AM...

I was listening to Take That´s "Pretty Things" , remembering last July when I´ve seen them perform live in Germany (I´ve waited 17 years for that concert to happen ... *yep that´s how I learned English 20 years ago*) and I just took those pics:

all those pretty things....
dont sweat the pretty things
so collectible...
why not collect them all 

obviously cunningly, womanly
all those pretty things
God bless the pretty things

she´s still out there somewhere...
making men feel this way....  

when she tells you what she wants
can you give her what she needs?  

ok now that´s enough of my creativity for now... haha

have a nice day/evening
take care

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