Sunday, March 11, 2012

Look of the Day, Hall of Freaks, Exxess, Antz, L&B, Finesmith...

Hello Lovelies,

today I´m gonna show you my brand new look. I´ve taken the pics in my new house (I got divorced this week so I needed a fresh start) to show you a bit about the girl behind the blog (well...not my RL self - you wouldn´t want to see that*haha* - if you do - I got a RL pic in my SL-Profile :P)

Furthermore my friend Merrick moved in with me - more or less - to be my roommate and to be there for me - ain´t that cute? I´ll have him join me in some posts.

But yeah - let´s get started :)

~ thinking of what to buy ~
(Sofa by !Zoom - I wont say more go and have a look at her store :P)

~ making a list ~
(this is where I sit and write my blogs for you)

~ checking back what I ACTUALLY need ~

~saying goodbye to Ruby as I cannot take her with me this time~

~ and off I go~

Styling Card (without links this time :P)

Eyes: LAQ Dazzling Sunrise Eyes
Shape: mine
Skin: Antz Manu 1
Hair: Exxess Yankee black

Glamorize ColdKiss Lips Red5
A:S:S Nailpolish Deep crimson
Miamai Catwalk Lashes Evergreen 01

.:L&B:. "S´Wear" Black Sugar Skull Hoodie
|Aleida| Lita Shiny Pants black
Finesmith Fresh Boots Redheart

Finesmith Grace Earrings
Armidi Gisaci Porta Corsico Bag Black&Red

I hope you enjoy,

take care, 

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